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New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- For any business or website owner who wants to thrive in this day and age, digital advertising is the way to go. According to studies that have been done by the United Nations' telecommunications department, there are 300 billion people across the world with Internet access. Google estimates that there are, on average, 100 billion searches performed monthly on their search engine alone. Unfortunately, with this unprecedented amount of access comes fierce competition for visitors, especially since there are over one billion websites online at any given time.

It is with those statistics in mind that PopunderTraffic.com is showcasing its digital advertising services. PopunderTraffic.com is a premier ad network with a global media inventory that comes from various proven sources. Their team has been selling high-quality cost-per-view (CPV) traffic for years and wants to help website owners achieve maximum visibility and finally meet - and exceed - their growth goals.

Anshul Mahajan, a representative of PopunderTraffic.com, stated "We have an experienced team that works with every client to deliver the high-quality Popunder Advertising they need. When a client comes to us, we first take a look at their website and generate a basic advertising portfolio. We then select the best media sources from our premium inventory and use them to drive the most targeted traffic to the client's website. To ensure total transparency, we work closely with Google Analytics to provide reliable statistics for our clients who want to track their progress."

As Mahajan continues, "Contrary to popular belief, the traffic that comes from the Google search results when a keyword is typed into the search box is not the only real source of traffic online. Popunder Traffic is also a subtle way to gain visibility for a website and bring in targeted visitors who are likely to convert to customers. In order to help with that, we sell premium traffic from various sources like popups and popunders with targeting features that focus on keywords, categories, geotargeting, operating systems, browsers and even Mobile Devices."

"What sets us apart from other popunder traffic services is that we get results. Our goal for every single client that we work with is always to get them sales and conversions. Without good results, clients will be wasting both their time and hard-earned money, and that's the last thing we want. We work hard to maintain premium traffic sources that are extremely reliable. The PopunderTraffic.com team truly believes that, with the help of our service offerings, our clients can experience the joys of having a growing, thriving online business."

About PopunderTraffic.com
PopunderTraffic.com is a top provider of high-quality targeted popunder, popup, desktop and mobile traffic. Their inventory includes remnant as well as premium traffic sources. The PopunderTraffic.com team has been dealing with premium CPV traffic for years and stands ready to assist customers in growing their website exposure and increasing conversions and sales through the expert use of only the best targeted traffic methods and sources.