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Portable Bartending Company Offers Flair Bartending Services


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2012 -- Fire Water Bars, a Miami-based company, announced the offering of flair bartending services. The company provides portable bar rentals for events like weddings, bah mitzvahs, birthday parties and more. The unique portable bar technology allows party planners to hold events in the many quality outdoor vistas all around South Florida. The company recently announced the offering of flair bartending. This practice involved acrobatic drink serving that adds an element of entertainment to bartending services.

According to their website flair bartending is, “An artistic presentation of bartending that entertains guests during cocktail composition. Like you’ve seen in the movies, flair bartending revolves around the bartender flipping bottles and shakers in ways that attracts the eye is available upon request”. In addition to flair bartending, Fire Water Bars employs the top Miami bartenders capable of making every beverage imaginable. A review placed on Google Places for Fire Water Bars states,

“You sincerely can't find a bar like that and the bartender we had was the love child of Tom Cruise from Cocktail and a Robin Williams Standup. We had a fantastic night and the bar was badass. It can change colors and you can customize it to say whatever you want. Pretty much one of a kind and best ever portable bar!”

Fire Water Bars is mainly known for its portable, customizable bars that have LED light up and are top-of-the-line in this relatively new industry. While Fire Water Bars is well known for its portable bar rentals, its flair bartending services is less known and is growing immensely in popularity.

The company is owned and operated by Alan Oria, a local Miami bartender with years of experience in flair bartending services. His training and unique portable bars make him one of the most popular bartenders in all of South Florida.