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Theft Prevention and Climate Control Are Essential Reasons to Invest in a Home or Office Generator


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- When natural disasters strike, being without electricity can create havoc. An investment in a portable or home standby generator can save countless hours of downtime and aggravation. For business owners, downtime means lost revenue and for homeowners, downtime equates to unexpected expense.

Typically, the consequences resulting from power loss aren’t devastating and life returns to normal relatively soon. But after disasters like Superstorm Sandy, people are more aware of the possible long term effects of having no electricity.

During a disaster, functioning security systems and lighting are essential for the safety and protection of inventory and home valuables from theft or damage. In-home or office generators significantly reduce the number of insurance claims which translates to a reduction in insurance premiums. Without climate control or the use of a sump pump, valuable property and merchandise can be lost to the encroaching elements. Heating and cooling of a home or business is also important to the health and well-being of families and employees.

According to the equipment experts at Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse, generators are divided into two basic types and selection is determined by ones overall electrical requirements, available fuel sources and budget. A portable style home generator, which runs on gasoline, is typically the generator of choice to back up a few lights, a refrigerator and sump pump. This generator will save money in both the long and the short term, and can be used for multiple locations. A home stand-by system offers more convenience, nearly limitless running time and a more reliable fuel supply, since it runs on natural gas or propane. Providing 20kw or more, home stand-by units have the potential to power a whole house for days, weeks, months and years at a time.

Automatic transfer switches are an added convenience, and will activate even if someone is not present at the time of an outage. Technically advanced transfer switches can even manage electricity and allow occupants to alternate or select exactly which circuits should receive power.

Home stand-by generators are a permanent part of a home and require installation by qualified plumbers and electricians. Those interested in adding a unit should consult an electrician to determine power requirements and to work up an estimate for the total cost of installation.

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