Portable Podium

Portable Podium Now Offers Gold-Plated Logos

Pro Products Adds Attractive New Customization Option to Its Portable Podiums


Buchanan, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- Pro Products, a leading online retailer of portable podiums, lecterns, and related accessories, is pleased to announce that it has unveiled new gold-plated logos for its range of portable podium and lectern products. Customization options abound for the made-in-America podiums from Pro Products.

Aside from the ease of setting up for a speech, the main benefit of a portable custom podium is the quality of professionalism it lends to Pro Product customers. Gold-plated logos and brand colors show that their customers are not only prepared, but that they are in demand enough to need their own, distinctive podium. Portable podium owners can carry the remarkably lightweight item anywhere, and even set it up outdoors without worry.

Pro Products offers stand-up and tabletop versions of their podiums and lecterns, as well as an optional carry bag for storage and protection. The benefits of their podiums are numerous: they’re foldable and lightweight for easy transportation and setup, they come with cup holders and media wire ports, they feature ambidextrous handles, they’re made of durable aluminum, and they’re manufactured in America. They’re also a cinch to clean. According to a spokesperson, “Whatever engagements customers need their portable podium for, they can find one that meets their needs perfectly—and customized with their logo and brand colors, too.”

About Pro Products
Since 2009, Pro Products has been a leader in the field of portable podiums and lecterns, offering a wide selection of quality, patent-pending products to customers around the world. The products are acclaimed for their lightness and engineering design, as well as the customization options that serve to make each one unique for public speakers and businesspeople everywhere. Now, with gold-plated logos, the quality and convenience of these custom podium and lectern products should be experienced firsthand by anyone who engages in frequent meetings or public speaking. For additional information please visit, http://www.portablepodium.com.