Portable Video Stabilizer for Smartphones and Cameras, StayblCam Receives Praise from Professionals


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- The StayblCam is a new video stabilizer for iPhones, smart phones, and compact cameras like the GoPro. With its revolutionary design, portability, ease of use, and affordable price tag - the StayblCam promises to deliver smooth and professional looking video to the masses.

Ever since the first 8mm film cameras became a consumer product, later followed by the VHS camcorders and digital cameras later on – people all over the world have been able to enjoy recording of their memories on home video. Today, most of us have made the switch to record most of our casual videos on our mobile phones – and the image definition and color clarity of the latest phones easily surpass what was even possible on high-grade equipment only a decade ago.

But there has always been one underlying problem that even the very latest smart phones have not been able to avoid. We’re talking of course about camera operator jittering caused by unsteady, shaky hands. And although some phones attempt to compensate for this with integrated video stabilization, it will never get as good as a professional video stabilizer. DIY video stabilizers also have their share of limitations and just aren’t practical for most people.

StayblCam – Smooth and Professional Looking Home Video for Cell Phones and More

The StayblCam promises to significantly improve video stabilization for iPhone, smart phones, and compact action cameras like the well-known GoPro. This new, patent-pending device, has unique functionality and form that suddenly give casual consumers or amateur videographers the ability to record smooth video - free of the dreaded shaking and jittering.

Recently, a promotional video of the StayblCam was released through the company’s YouTube channel – showcasing some very steady footage that was all shot using common cell phones while walking on foot, single-handed, and with no image manipulation or other equipment used to achieve the effect.

Designed specifically for use with cell phones and small video cameras, the StayblCam is compatible with virtually any smart phone on the market, and handles GoPro video stabilization as well.

Introducing a Steadicam Alternative for iPhone, Android, Windows-phone, or GoPro Camera

The product’s creator noticed a gap in the market, where traditional video stabilizers such as the Hollywood studio-favorite Steadicam-systems mostly are focused on the professional, or technically skilled user. Furthermore, existing stabilizers are meant for heavier cameras – and often require some understanding of counterbalance, adjustments of screws and rigs, etc.

The StayblCam, an alternative Steadicam for GoPro and smartphones, however – was created for the average consumer, with a price-tag to match. Simple to use, with an eye-catching design, and a collapsible, umbrella-like format – the device is portable and convenient to take along anywhere.

Renowned photographers, amateur filmmakers, and industry experts have been quick to welcome the news of the StayblCam, anticipating it to become a “home and amateur video game changer” in 2014.

Seeing Home Video Quality from an Entirely New Angle

Another unique feature of the StayblCam is that it allows the user to also record stabilized video very low to the ground. Previously, this was not really possible without setting up expensive camera gear or rails. For instance - by simply turning the StayblCam on its head, the StayblCam can record video just inches off the ground – to capture baby’s first steps, close-ups of pets, or get other ‘impossible angles’ on video with ease.

Alternatively – by stretching out the StayblCam video stabilizer 3 feet above the head, users can easily record video from a higher vantage point, for instance at concerts or in a large crowd.

Made from impact-resistant and durable materials - the waterproof construction is suitable to use in all kinds of weather. The StayblCam has undergone significant environmental testing, even in underwater scuba diving.

Availability and Price

The StayblCam will begin production and online sales shortly following an upcoming crowdfunding campaign on As of this writing, the final retail price has not been made official – but is expected to be announced very soon through the company’s newsletter ( and official Facebook page.

About StayblCam
The StayblCam is the brainchild of inventor and creator Eskil Nordhaug, an entrepreneur living in Washington state. Over the past few years, Eskil has taken the idea from concept to patent applications, through prototype stages, testing, and into manufacturing of the first set of fully functional devices. The company plans to make the product available for sale worldwide through its website, and to various other domestic and international, online and offline resellers in 2014.

For more information about StayblCam, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of, please call at (360) 437-9411 or email to