Portiva Balances Technology with the Human Element for Accurate Transcription Services


Hellertown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2018 -- Portiva, one of the top providers of radiology transcription services in Philadelphia, has become an industry leader by offering clear and accurate speech-to-text dictation for a range of industries, including law enforcement, healthcare, media, non-profit, and more. The company uses integration of technology and the human element to offer a more complete service to their clients while increasing customer service and overall efficiency.

One of the ways that Portiva has stayed ahead of the curve in their industry is due to their comprehensive process for ensuring accuracy. The company combines the use of innovative speech-to-text dictation software with the expertise of their certified transcriptionists to create a balanced process for providing precise transcription services. By increasing the speed at which documents can be transcribed but taking the time for human checks for accuracy, Portiva offers clients peace of mind that other companies cannot.

In addition to the increase in accuracy, Portiva's unique process allows for better customer service and a greater overall client experience. Each of the company's professional transcriptionists is dedicated to managing all accounts with care and attention to detail. This human touch gives clients the benefit of having a real point of contact to address any and all issues which may arise.

By finding the ideal balance between technology and human critical thinking, Portiva has created a system that is built for accuracy and efficiency. With more than a decade of experience providing law enforcement, media, corporate, and medical dictation services in Philadelphia, Portiva has established themselves as the best source for any and all transcription needs. To learn more, visit http://www.portiva.com/.

About Portiva
Founded in 2008, Portiva is a provider of transcription services for medical and legal practices, corporate businesses, and media-driven clients. The company offers exemplary customer service from experienced transcriptionists to ensure that all clients receive the files that they need in a timely manner. Portiva additionally offers answering services, notification services, and call recording, giving clients the very best in digital transcription. Portiva can be reached 24/7 by calling 800-977-3534 or visiting http://www.portiva.com/.