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Portland Pest Control Enlightens Readers on How to Get Rid of Ants


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- Portland Pest Control services offer insect and rodent extermination for households and commercial units. There are several insects which are cause of worry for the residents of Portland Oregon; but in this matter, the odorous house ants stand out as one of the top contenders. And this year, due to the mild winter, they are making an early appearance to the scene clearly catching the residents of the area off guard. These ants are very common, especially in Oregon and they can be identified from their stench that is like that of rotten coconut. They smell quite bad when crushed. They are brown and black in color and are mostly found in the places where they are able to find abundant left overs or spilled food.

Exterminator Portland should be summoned as odorous house ants can be especially difficult to exterminate with common sprays and insecticide as they have very clever nesting habits. They nest inside walls of the house or under the floors and may initially be undetectable for the unsuspecting house inhabitants. Their nests can provide the ants with as much covering as they need to avoid getting killed by chemicals or even from getting eaten up by other, larger insects. When the rainy season or moist weather sets in, the ants start heading towards these highly desirable places that are spread pretty much all over and around the house. Once they are in abundance, they start to feed on kitchen items like meat and grease.

When this starts happening, house inhabitants face a great dilemma in dealing with them. If they are crushed, then the house smells bad and if not, these crawlies are troublesome throughout the house. Also, the use of inefficient and chemically flawed extermination methods which use pesticides can have serious side effects. Many such pesticides take a huge toll on the environment making it poisonous and hazardous for other life like birds and pets. Pets may be directly affected by the kind of chemical that is used in pest extermination methods if certain toxic pesticides are abundantly used. Therefore, Portland Pest Control operates using eco safe pest control techniques which helps to keep the environment safe for pets and other harmless animals and birds.

About Portland Pest Control
Portland Pest Control offers relief from domestically found odorous house ants that are abundantly found in the region of Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington. These are seasonal ants and like the moist and rainy conditions to form up a colony. They nest in places like the walls of a building or under the floor where they remain undetected and safe from predators and pesticides. But Portland Pest Control specializes in detecting their colonies and helps to eradicate them in a very environment friendly manner that does not hurt other animals and pets. Portland Pest Control deals with all kinds of rodent and pest related issues. They also cater to all kinds of buildings whether they are domestic or commercial.

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