The Survey by Tiendas Blog Reveals That Online Stores Do Not Use Quality Content Marketing Strategies


Madrid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- 47% of major online stores have no blog or do not offer a proper access to quality content.

The study, which analyzes the most prestigious retailers, reveals that only 1 used the blog to post daily content.

Surprising Results
Online shops in Spain do not give particular importance to maintaining a blog.

This is the conclusion of the survey by the consulting Tiendas Blog during March with a sample of over twenty stores analyzed. The analysis reveals that:

- 47% of analyzed stores have no Blog or do not to allow access from their home pages.
- The average publishing rate is just 3.5 posts per month

The findings indicate a clear waste of marketing space, both to improve the positioning of the stores or to allow a greater relationship and engagement with potential customers.

The exception
Of the more than twenty stores analyzed, only Privalia stands out for using its blog posting 24 times in the last 30 days, which means that this is the only online business that virtually uses it daily to build relationships with their prospects. 32% of all articles published in the analyzed sample came from Privalia.

El Corte Ingles outstands in this section, but only in the technology publishing section, with a blog that made 18 posts in the last 30 days. However, this blog is not easily accessible from the home page

High percentage of companies with no online activity
47% of the analyzed companies do not have blog, or do not provide an easy access from the home page.

38% of the companies that do have a blog, did not reach 5 posts a month, and only 23% of these online stores published 10 or more articles throughout the month, which denotes a lack of online commitment from the brands.

Benefits of publishing frequent and quality content
According to SEO experts consulted in Tiendas Blog (Posicionamiento Web SEO), counting with quality content offers advantages, both in search engine rankings as in maintaining a good customer relationship to engage readers.

On a practical level, the fact of publishing quality content by online stores, either from the blog itself or referenced from other site pages, drives traffic, potential customers, and increases sales. The number of visits is higher if articles emotionally impact on readers and encourage them to purchase.

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