PosiRank Unveils Several New and Enhanced White Label SEO Services

New search engine optimization tools include automated campaign management, enhanced reporting, and better API, all delivered in white-label form for resale to others, PosiRank reports


Annapolis, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- PosiRank, a top provider of white-label search engine optimization (SEO) services, announced the launch of a number of new products and service enhancements. PosiRank specializes in providing SEO which web design agencies and others can sell on in a "white label" arrangement to their own customers, allowing these clients to provide a wider range of higher-quality services than they might otherwise be able to. The new products and service enhancements which PosiRank has just released are designed to make the company an even more effective and cost-efficient provider of SEO products than previously and arrive after an extensive, company-wide initiative focused on identifying opportunities for such improvements.

"This is a big moment for us here at PosiRank," company representative Mike Kim announced, "as well as for our customers, both present and future. Our new lineup of white-label SEO products and supporting services marks a milestone in our company history." One of the new products just unveiled as part of PosiRank's updated array of services is a one-button SEO campaign-launching feature. Developed after analyzing the needs of a wide variety of clients, many of whom specialize in web design and have relatively little background in proactive search engine optimization techniques, the feature allows clients to order precisely crafted and targeted SEO campaigns with industry-leading ease. By enabling PosiRank's clients to arrange such top-quality campaigns for their own customers with a minimum of difficulty, the new feature furthers PosiRank's goal of serving as an essential supporting partner for such businesses.

Another of the new features announced today is a redesigned application programming interface, or API, which allows programmatic access to PosiRank's many services. The newly released API arrives after an investigation into the concrete ways past and existing customers were making use of the previous one, as well as conversations with many of them. The new API offers greater flexibility than its predecessor, while preserving full backward compatibility and enabling more finely grained access to the company's capabilities for clients.

As part of the new initiative, PosiRank has also released an overhauled version of the company's much-admired white label SEO reporting system. This feature allows the company's clients to deliver rich, compelling charts, graphs, and reports to their own customers which reflect the SEO efforts and progress made on their behalf. As many of PosiRank's clients avow that convincing their customers of the efficacy of money spent on SEO is one of their most critical tasks, this tool has proven to be particularly influential in the company's success. Like the rest of PosiRank's products, this reporting tool is designed from the ground up to allow for easy addition of clients' own branding so that they can position it as part of comprehensive packages aimed at their customers.

"Our new products and service enhancements are going to solidify our position here at PosiRank as the leader in whitelabel SEO," Kim concluded, "and we can't wait to see the ways in which our customers make use of them." Those interested in further information regarding PosiRank's new and existing products will find it at the company's website, where detailed, up-to-date pricing figures can also be obtained.

About PosiRank
A clear leader in the field of white-label search engine optimization, PosiRank helps the company's clients provide world-class SEO services to their own customers. PosiRank is responsible for the development of a number of white label products which have since become industry standards and continues to raise the bar with regard to innovation, effectiveness, and cost efficiency.