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Positioning Nationally Projecting Locally Connects Best Window Cleaners, Guaranteed Quality and Clients


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2011 -- The unique approach of windowcleaning.com helps commercial and residential clients in North America find the best local window cleaning service as it helps local window cleaning businesses obtain national clout. WindowCleaning.com selects the top window cleaners from each city and helps them market like a national company while providing local residents and commercial businesses with a one-stop Website to find the best local window cleaning service.

Sparkling clean windows can only be achieved by professional window washing companies possessing the right experience and tools. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell the pros from the amateurs by an advertisement. It is equally difficult for the best of the profession to stand out among competitors making the same boasts.

Windowcleaning.com eliminates both problems in one fell swoop. The Website allows residential and commercial customers in North America to go to their Website, input their zip code and instantly be directed to a local window cleaning company that meets the highest standards available. More than a boast, the Website backs up their local partner with a $1,000 no streak guarantee and $1,000,000 in liability insurance protection.

Conversely, one established window cleaning business in each city gets the marketing help that windowcleaning.com can provide when they meet their standards. This help includes a customized Website linked to their North American Website to promote their individual strengths and services, marketing tools as well as the clout of the no streak guarantee and the liability insurance. “The goal is to provide people with the best window cleaning service in their area while helping one outstanding local window cleaning partner in each city to convert visitors to customers,” said a windowcleaning.com representative.

The Website and partner service provides a host of services including the customized Website, instant quote calculator that emails quotes to the customer, downloadable marketing materials videos and one-on-one support. “Our partner members win with national level marketing support when they meet our window cleaning standards of excellence,” said the representative. Their clients win with guaranteed and insured quality service, prompt quotes and on-time service calls from a courteous professional that is a local business.” For more information, please visit http://www.windowcleaning.com/

About Windowcleaning.com
WindowCleaning.com provides North American residential and commercial customers with a simple way to find the best local window cleaning company via the Website. Conversely, a single window cleaning business in each city proven to be the best can obtain national level marketing support with a customized Website and marketing materials among other features. Both clients and partners win as the Website provides a $1,000 no streak guarantee and $1,000,000 in liability insurance to back up their local partners.