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Positions Available in Big Idea Mastermind to Learn How to Make 5,000 a Month


Rockledge, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2013 -- Making money is what everybody wants. Most people work hard to make money. Of course, everybody prefers to make money easily and be able to enjoy their lives. Having an online business is one way. Using the internet people who have a product can reach out to every corner of the world and sell their product.

A lot of these products are seminars that help people learn how to market their products online. Usually these educational products are offered by people who not only instruct but also offer to mentor their clients. With their products they help people create or grow their online businesses. One such product is the Big Idea Mastermind, a unique marketing system that helps people to market successfully on the internet whatever they want.

Big Idea Mastermind is a marketing system where people learn how to make money even if they do not have a product to sell. Their target is to mentor 1000 people to make $5000 a month, every month of the year. Vick Strizheus, founder of Big Idea Mastermind, declared “I absolutely love helping others succeed. That is why I am sharing the system I use, to make money, with others.” Using a marketing system that allows him to earn, so far, more than $700,000 he is happy to share it with others and be their mentor to help them become as successful as he is.

Big Idea Mastermind empowers people to use their creativity to change their life. It helps people create their own network marketing business. As Stephen Munson, co-founder and mentor of Big Idea Mastermind, said “The free way out of struggle is imagination.” With their training program and their support, even people who have no product to sell can have their own business and make money. The guidance and mentoring is there, but to make money, as they say on their website, ‘You have to move your butt and actually take action.’

Having an online business that allows them to make a passive income every month is a dream for many people. For those 1000 people who will take part in the Big Idea Mastermind that dream will soon become a reality.

More About Big Idea Mastermind
Big Idea Mastermind was founded by Vick Strizheus, offers a unique marketing system to help people market successfully whatever they want on the internet.


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