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Positive Revolution Helps Franchise Businesses Connect With Highly Qualified Entrepreneurs, Fast


San Marcos, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2012 -- As economical conditions remain flat and the prices of goods and services continue to rise, many businesses have been forced to lay off employees, lower salaries or even close their doors.

On the other hand, a number of companies have found ways to expand and increase profits by offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

This not only helps them build brand recognition, but can also provide them with a potentially substantial stream of revenue.

But finding entrepreneurs who are serious about purchasing a franchise or small business can be an arduous and costly process.

Franchise businesses across the U.S. are turning to Positive Revolution, the industry leader in franchise business brokerage, for help finding highly qualified franchise prospects, quickly and effectively. Since 1997, the franchise marketing company, with the help of Positive Phil, has successfully facilitated thousands of acquisitions and sales using expert-level content marketing tactics. Featuring one of the largest directories of franchise and business opportunities on the Internet, Positive Franchises, Positive Revolution uses targeted franchise lead generation to convert raw leads to qualified franchisees.

Positive Revolution represents a variety of franchises and small businesses from a wide range of industries, including restaurants, retail stores, health clubs, hotels, cleaning services and much more.

And according to the company, their unique franchise development services provide franchise businesses with the qualified leads they need in a timely manner.

“Our smart strategic approach, long-standing industry relationships and highly dedicated and professional team give us the right formula to produce maximum results within an expedited timeline,” states the company.

To help businesses find highly qualified franchisees, Positive Revolution uses a variety of online lead generation tactics, including paid search, organic search, list buying and management, data cleansing, email marketing and sponsorships of content, including white papers and webinars.

“The technology that we use, paired with a strong content marketing and public relations background gives us an edge over other firms in the industry,” states the company.

Additionally, Positive Revolution assists companies in creating a franchise development plan and in the asset recovery of non- or underperforming franchise businesses in bankruptcy, foreclosure or default.

For more information, visit http://www.PositiveRevolution.com

About Positive Revolution
Since 1997, Positive Revolution and Positive Franchises, with the help of Positive Phil, have been connecting entrepreneurs with franchise and small business opportunities. Offering one of the largest directories of franchise and business opportunities on the Internet, the company works with well-known names and new companies everyone will soon be talking about. The company brings the franchise lead to the franchisor's website to give the lead a better experience with the brand.