POSPaper.com Offers Manual Options for Electronic Failures

Today’s technology is amazing and has dramatically changed the world in the past few decades with personal and professional lives restructuring how they accomplish daily tasks. However, it is important to remember that becoming too dependent on electronic resources with no manual back-up can leave a company stranded. POSPaper.com is renowned for offering manual options for electronic failures.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2016 -- POSPaper.com is not only the leading supplier for all paper products and electronic machines for the retail industry but also offers the manual solution that works, regardless, if the power is on or not. Businesses that utilize credit card machines are highly dependent on the Internet, Wi-Fi connection and power to ensure that the transactions go through correctly. For this reason, they spend a lot of money every month on the appropriate bill but things happen such as storms and may lead to failures. So what is the back-up plan?

As a customer of POSPaper.com, one would have already ordered the credit card imprinter with accompanying sales slips so that their business can continue to assist customers and record financial transactions until the power comes back on. When one's company relies on the daily purchases and sales of customers coming in and out then any loss of revenue due to a failure to plan will affect the bottom line. These classic machines operate off 'hand' power and can be utilized to document all credit card transactions which can then be processed when the power returns. This is how a successful business prepares and operates under pressure.

In addition to these products, POSPaper.com also offers thermal labels, fax ribbons, menu covers, barcode scanners and rolls of butcher paper. Owners in every industry have the ability to buy whatever they need to cover their daily activities, whether it is in direct support of the customer or indirectly on the back end of the house.

The Director of Sales at POSPaper.com recently stated, "There are many benefits to technology and every company needs to take as much advantage of the latest and greatest tools and resources. But it never hurts to have the old-fashioned manual items on hand for those times where the primary and backup generators fail and while you may not be able to provide lights, you can definitely continue to sell your products and keep customer traffic flowing at a steady rate."

POSPaper.com offers state of the art solutions for all paper and electronic needs without forgetting where free enterprise came from and that electronics still have a long way to go in reliability. Don't get caught in the storm without a plan but let the best thermal paper rolls and thermal printer paper rolls supplier in the nation send the highest quality products to satisfy the operations.

About POSPaper.com
POSPaper.com guarantees customers a satisfying experience from the moment they 'step' into the website to review the wide range of inventory until they place their order and proceed through the secure checkout process. POSPaper.com's dedication to quality has been in place since 2002 and is clearly visible whether one wants to buy butcher paper roll or purchase credit card sales slips online from the company.