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Posse Audio Launches Video Showcasing Their Revolutionary in Ear Monitor

Posse Audio has released a new video showcasing their in ear monitor that can mix instrument levels independently for the wearer, while being able to hear everything clearly from the stage.


Brea, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Live musicians offer an unforgettable and one of a kind experience to their fans, but the art of creating a live experience has a lot to do with the science of sound. One of the biggest difficulties in fashioning that experience is in getting the right sound for the audience while allowing the individual artists in a band to hear their own instruments and audio so they can monitor their contributions. This balance is extremely difficult to strike, but it has now been made easier than ever thanks to a creation from Posse Audio, which allows users to set their individual sound levels without the disadvantages of traditional floor monitors and sound checks. PosseAudio.com has now launched a fun video on their homepage highlighting the features of their audio monitor mixer.

The Posse Audio System allows musicians to mix their instrument levels independently of one another, taking less than five minutes to set up, significantly reducing the time spent sound checking. The monitor can be used either for recording or for live shows, and features individual controls that do not affect the house system, eliminating the need for floor monitors.

Designed by musicians for musicians, the product aims to revolutionize the ability of band members to control their own contribution and do what they have to do to create the live experience, without in any way reducing their ability to enjoy the broader context around them.

A spokesperson for Posse Audio explained, “The product is already being used by NBC’s Sing-Off winners Home Free, and we are sure it will be taken up by more and more bands when they discover what a difference it can make. The ambient mics can be turned up so that it’s as if the earphones vanish, getting a clear and transparent sound that still carries every level exactly as the artists want it. It truly offers the best of all worlds, and with a five minute set up time, means musicians are ready to rock in no time at all.”

About Posse Audio
Posse Audio is the main distribution channel for the Posse Audio in-ear personal monitor system. The system is also sold in some of the largest music retailers such as Guitar Center. It truly makes the life of musicians easier, using the latest multi-channel technology to give artists the ultimate control over their monitor experience. For more information please visit: http://posseaudio.com/