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Post First Contact: Aliens, the Government & Humanity Collide - as Novel Urges Readers to Question New Technology's Impact on Civilization

Masterfully crafted by Glenn Douglass, ‘Post First Contact’ fuses fact and fiction to examine how the adoption of new technology directly impacts each and every aspect of civilization. Told through a gripping narrative depicting life after alien first contact, the novel transcends thoroughbred fiction to leave readers with plenty to think about in the real world.


Dacula, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- While the introduction of each piece of new technology makes some aspect of life easier or quicker, a holistic look at technology’s growth presents a civilization that has had to rapidly develop alongside it. Author Glenn Douglass is steadfast in his belief that adopting new technology requires humanity to alter the core of its very being, and his powerful new novel demonstrates this with gusto.

‘Post First Contact’ may contain aliens, but it’s merely to set the context for readers to examine their own lives. Defying any single genre, the novel blurs the lines between fiction and reality to put technology on a pedestal as it’s never been seen before.


When the first alien ambassador to Earth arrives the initial confusion is only the beginning of problems. With the concepts of science, technology, resources, and military might utterly transformed the world is torn between the struggle to adapt and the entrenched forces of the status-quo. As the underpinnings of the old world erode, with the prizes of unimaginable wealth and power on the line, and with the extinction of the species as a looming threat the great powers secretly maneuver and leverage to their advantage.

Young, idealistic, and underappreciated Sarah Thompson finds herself at the center of events. Former sales clerk, sometimes artist, and contracted troubleshooter she has no way of knowing that she has been selected for a bigger role. Once on the center stage of the crucible it will take all of Sarah's wit, skill, and training to survive in a world Post First Contact.

“This story is highly relatable, as every reader will be adopting technology but will likely have never thought about its effect on every aspect of civilization,” explains Douglass. “Daily advancements are made in technologies that improve self-sufficiency, tighten up control on the population and in turn give the military new power. Whether for good or bad, each technological advancement requires humans to change who they are on the most basic of levels.”

Continuing, “It’s certainly something I wrote to shake up the literary market and provoke thought among a readership that is all too often presented with a passive narrative. It may not change the world – but it will definatlely change how readers see the world!”

Due to the success of this first book, Douglass has recently announced his plans to release a trilogy.

“I’ve been writing short stories for a decade a half, but this is my first published work. The response has been phenomenal and two more books are in the works. They’ll evolve the story like technology itself,” he adds.

In the meantime, ‘Post First Contact’ is available now: http://bit.ly/1zlMEPq.

About GA Douglass
GA Douglass is a trained IT professional holding a BS from SLU who served in the United States Navy and has worked in the electronic security industry. Aside from writing science fiction his interests include history, science, and creation of the odd artistic doodle. He lives in Dacula, Georgia with the obligatory cat.