Post Office Finder

Post Office Finder Launches, Using the Internet to Keep Paper Mail Accessible

Post Office Finder is a new website that helps people find the nearest post office to their location with a myriad of tools to make finding a post office as easy as possible in the 21st century.


San Mateo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- Since email became the standard method for formal, textual communication the use of the post office has decreased dramatically. However, this means that on the occasions people do need to use traditional mail, they often don’t know where the nearest post office is. Post Office Finder is a new website that enables people to find the nearest post office to where they are or where they will be so that they can make a trip to the post office a less disruptive part of their daily routine.

The new website enables people to use a map search, zip code search or a search based on their state, county or city to find the nearest post offices to the location in question. The website is fully responsive and works equally well on mobile devices and tablets, enabling people to search effectively while on the move.

As well as helping to connect people with the location data itself, the site is also able to give people directions from their current location using Google Maps, as well as providing detailed information on each post office, from their opening hours to the services offered, so individuals have all the information they need before departing.

A spokesperson for Post Office Finder explained, “We are pleased to be able to launch this website with such a comprehensive level of functionality- we truly believe that the development team has thought of everything, and included all the information users could possibly need while at the same time making that information intuitively accessible to all. With such a robust infrastructure all that remains is for us to expand our database to ensure we have an exhaustive listing of every post office in the country. The site eschews flashy design for functionality and is more of a database with applications than a resource center, as all data is instantly actionable. We knew the website would be useful and after our initial launch we have had a stream of traffic and some great feedback.”

About Post Office Finder
Post Office Finder delivers a free platform that anyone can use to find post offices in their area. The website does not operate in conjunction or connection with the United States Post Office or any other governmental body.

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