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Post-Run Habits to Avoid


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- The feeling of accomplishment one feels after finishing a run is something to relish and enjoy. Although the run is finished, the work is not yet done, and the next few steps a person takes can potentially sabotage their health and progress. Keeping this in mind, avoid making these mistakes after a daily run or a long race.

As those last steps end and the oxygen floods back into the lungs, many find they rest against their legs for a brief moment, or stretch their arms overhead in order to aid in slowing the heart rate. While these are stretches, this is not stretching. A short 5-minute stretching routine will assist in keeping fascia and muscles soft and supple, which are both essential for injury prevention and flexibility maintenance.

Another mistake some make is not refueling their body post-run. Eating a post work snack will help stave off the feeling of starvation that tstrikes 30 minutes to an hour after the run has been finished. Try a piece of cheese and a few crackers, or a small container of yogurt to help repair the muscles and refuel the body for more activity.

Another culprit of the post-run crash is not enough hydration. Dehydration can lead to cramps, mood swings, and fatigue, making the next run a person takes on that much more difficult to accomplish. Be sure to care a water bottle and take frequent sips while running, and continue this hydration mission throughout the rest of the day.

We take the time to exercise, but often run right from the jog into the next activity, postponing a shower or sometimes even changing. To keep skin healthy and prevent workout clothes from being damaged, change clothes right away and take a quick shower; this will also aid in refueling the mind and refreshing the body after the work one just did.

While in the shower, a person should mentally pencil in their next run, then add it to a calendar to keep the momentum and enthusiasm for fitness moving forward.

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