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Post-Up Stand Offers Improved Vinyl Banner Service to Take Branding to the Next Level

Post-Up Stand has improved their popular Vinyl Banner service having created successful mobile presentation solutions for trade shows, stores, lobbies and more.


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- Many businesses, from small independents to large conglomerates all depend on the strength and visibility of their brand, which gives customers something to identify with and associate with their products and services. Branding on the internet is as simple as an embedded image, but branding out in the real world prevents more challenges, especially when travelling to multiple locations. Post-Up Stand has been solving this problem on behalf of businesses for years with their pop up signage, and they have recently created a new and improved range of vinyl banners to take their options to the next level.

This new and improved section includes several sub-pages which are specialized to the specific implementations of the new banner format, with sections for "sports banners", "trade show vinyl banners", "banners for colleges", "banners for events", "holiday and seasonal banners" and more. This does more than generate ideas, but provides pricing, scaling, templates and options.

Every product comes replete with a detailed product description explaining its features and prospective uses, more info on vinyl banners, a guide to the turnaround time, the technical details of the banner and what is included in the purchase, and why Post-Up Stand banners represent a superior product to the competition.

A spokesperson for Post-Up Stand explained, “We have improved our already market leading vinyl banners to give our customers even more branding opportunities. We have proven that flexible, portable, high quality signage can be effective in generating increased brand awareness and leads which in turn create sales. Vinyl banners from Post-Up Stand are an excellent way to create an immediate impact, and are adaptable enough to fit a huge variety of spaces, meaning little more investment will be required once one has been purchased to supplement our original branded signage. The vinyl banners have become very popular with colleges, churches, sporting events, small retailers and schools because of their adaptability, low cost and ease of set-up. We believe the new and improved range will see the banners being used in more and more novel ways.”

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Post-Up Stand Inc. provides banner stand displays and mobile presentation solutions to trade shows, retail stores, restaurants, hotel lobbies and any advertising display users. Their banner stand displays and table-top displays are lightweight and easy to use, ensuring clients will look like pros wherever they go. With success in these fields, the company has just improved their Vinyl banner service to expand their product range. For more information, please visit: