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Post Woodworking Now Offers Online Shed Design


Plaistow, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- All over the United States, homeowners are turning to outdoor sheds to solve their storage needs. Too often these sheds are eyesores and detract from the appearance of the home, but this problem is easily solved with a custom built shed. At, customers are able to design a shed that meets their needs and looks the way they want the shed to look.

At, customers start their custom shed creation with the selection of roof. Roofing options at Postwoodworking include the Brunswick, Cape Ann, Lexington and Concord models. Once the roof is selected, the customer moves on to roof color. At Postwoodworking they want to create sheds that compliment the exterior of the home, so they offer several different colors for the roofs. Customers then choose the size of the building, which can be as small as a storage closet, and as large as a studio apartment. The final choice for the exterior of the shed is the layout. The layout determines the number and location of the doors and windows. Customers can then choose to further customize their Postwoodworking shed with additional doors or windows, while adding features to the inside of the shed from a long list of premium items.

The premium items include things like work benches, hooks hanging on the wall, shelving and other items that making storing things easier. Throughout the process the customer is able to see what the shed will look like when it is finished, so there are no surprises when the shed arrives at the home.

Customers will find that the custom built sheds by" href="">Postwoodworking
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