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Post Woodworking Streamlines Custom Shed Creation


Plaistow, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Creating a custom shed is something that many homeowners are doing to make sure that they get the kind of building that they need for their specific purpose. Sheds are no longer relegated to use only as storage units, and they are being used for everything from gardening sheds to children’s playhouses and guest rooms. For these more sophisticated uses homeowners want the highest level of customization possible, and at homeowners can work with a streamlined process to design their shed.

Post Woodworking is the largest shed builder in New England, offering modern designs with traditional craftsmanship. Since 1962 Post Woodworking has been providing the people of New England with the highest quality sheds available, at competitive prices and they constantly strive to bring the best products to the area. Post Woodworking puts an emphasis on family and craftsmanship, and they bring those values to life with the sheds found at

Customers will find the tools at easy to use and very intuitive. Every step of the shed creation process is guided, so homeowners do not miss an important decision when they try to put the shed together. The design starts with choosing the right roof and color for the shed, and then the process moves on to making decisions about the size and style. Once all of the general decisions have been made, customers can add windows and doors where they want them, and they can add the special features that will make their shed unique. Once the design is complete, customers can either ask to email a quote, or they can buy the shed directly from the site.

At homeowners will find the online tools they need to build the shed they desire. The easy to maneuver tools gives customers a high degree of control over the process and makes buying a shed very simple.

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