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Post-Workout Mistakes That Can Sabotage Progress


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- With a proper diet and exercise program, most people can expect to see results within six to eight weeks from the start of the program. However, if this milestone passes and there is little movement on the scale or in the fit of a person’s clothes, they’re bound to become frustrated. They may think that they’re following all the right steps, but there are several little things we all do that can potentially sabotage our hard work, and keep us from getting the results we desperately crave.

Many people are under the impression that unless the body is breaking a sweat constantly that they aren’t getting any benefit. Therefore, they push themselves harder and harder during each workout but take no time to stretch or recover at the end. Considering the cool down portion of a workout as a waste of time can put the body at risk for injury or leave a person feeling stiff and sore. This can cause them to skip a few workouts, thus putting off progress they would have made by taking the time to recover properly.

In addition to needing recovery from the physical exertion of a workout, the body also needs recovery in the form of fluid replacement and nourishment. Sports drinks can help replenish the body after intense workouts, or exercise done in extreme heat, but for shorter bursts of activity save the calories and stick with water. In addition to this, it’s okay to reward the appetite with an occasional indulgence, but making it a regular habit can sabotage the results a person is working for. Find healthy ways to satisfy cravings and refuel the body for the full benefit of activity.

For refueling, timing is essential. If we wait too long to consume a post-workout snack we could miss out on the body’s ability to fully absorb the nutrients we’re providing. Think about eating a protein rich snack within 30 minutes of a strength building workout, and at least 60 minutes after any type of activity.

Keeping these little tips in mind will help the body achieve the results we work so hard for, and make the body healthier overall in the quest for better health and fitness.

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