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Postal Job Placement's Placement Assistance for Candidates Seeking Career with the US Postal Service Now Available


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2013 -- Placement Assistance Program, the new service provided by Postal Job Placement headed by Director, Troy McCawley, is now available for job seekers vying for any postal jobs position.

McCawley is proud for his team’s latest service, as it is geared towards helping applicants and candidates pass the United States Postal Services’ postal exam. He also claims that it will help members in every step of the hiring process in order to be called for an interview.

With the thousands of job openings in the USPS, Postal Job Placement is anticipating for a high number of applicants and candidates that will choose to avail their services. McCawley boasts that they offer the latest approach and most advanced tools that will help train candidates get a passing grade in the postal exam .

Apart from passing the USPS exam, there are no other requirements in order to get qualified for any postal jobs position. No experience and high school diploma is required, but applicants must be at least 18 years of age. This is the reason why many would like to take advantage of a comprehensive placement assistance program that will train them on how to answer questions correctly.

With the few requirements needed in order to qualify for any position in the United States Postal Services, many people consider this as one of the best employment ever. Statistics show that in the recent years, more and more workers prefer to work in the government than in private sectors. One reason for this is the high salary and benefits that the government provides such as retirement plan, paid vacation, paid OJT, federal benefits, starting pay of $21 per hour.

As of now, Postal Job Placement is already making the necessary preparations and arrangements to ensure the success of its placement assistance program. On the other hand, its website is currently on the process of development to keep visitors and members alike updated of the latest news and events about USPS jobs.

Media Contact:
Troy McCawley, Director of Job Placement
PO Box 908510
Gainesville, GA 30501