Posting Student Jobs at Boston University Through Explorite Is Now Open

Explorite is a new website offering services to students at Boston University. Explorite is a student-based online platform that is both a marketplace and communication center.


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2013 -- Explorite is a new website offering services to students at Boston University. Explorite is a student-based online platform that is both a marketplace and communication center. From buying and selling items, finding roommates and apartments, to those willing to car pool and even posting student jobs, Explorite is the online site that offers a wide range of services.

Posting student jobs is one function of the Explorite site. This allows for students who are checking for employment both on and off campus another resource to use. For student jobs at Boston University there are employment opportunities that may go without posting along the normal university services. While all university student jobs are generally publish on their website, employment opportunities close to campus in the Boston area may not be listed. Explorite offers listings for employers to hire student help. Plus, if students hear of employment opportunities relatively close to the campus, they can post them as well. This means for students who are looking for employment, they can choose from a broader range of opportunities.

In addition to off-campus jobs, the student jobs at Boston University can be promoted as well. While in conjunction with the official campus website, there can be a number of student job openings for those seeking employment found on Explorite. Such job listings can include details on schedule and salary along with the duties that each job requires. Explorite can act as an additional service for students looking for jobs or simply finding them when looking for other services the website provides. Usually at the beginning of each semester are a great number of student jobs that are available. Explorite can help students in finding jobs thanks to the postings made by other students as well as interested parties. The classified sections can also be used to post of jobs that may open up because a student is leaving.

In addition to providing a platform for advertising student jobs at Boston University, Explorite also offers a number of other attractive features for students. Explorite is used quite frequently as the place where students can place textbooks and other college related items up for sale. This allows students to bypass selling back their books and broadens the number of potential buyers. This not only means that students are more likely to sell their items, but also that they can find them as well. Explorite also provides a platform for students looking for roommates or those they can car pool. By adding roommates and those that share the ride, students can save even more money. In addition to these services, Explorite also offers places where off-campus apartments can advertise openings. Such services can be of great benefit for students as they can find apartments or rooms to rent that otherwise might be overlooked.

For those looking at student jobs at Boston University or employment opportunities that are close by, more information can be found at this website. There is no charge for registering with Explorite, all that is needed is to fill out a short registration form.

For More Information Visit the website http://www.explorite.com

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