POSTURE EXERCISES for CHILDREN in 1 EASY MOTION - Finally…a Posture Exercises Machine for Children

What Mother hasn’t told her children to “Sit up straight!”? Well, the BODY-ALINE? back & posture exercise machine makes her job a little bit easier. Posture exercises for children have never been simpler thanks to this easy to use at-home exercise machine.


Carpentersville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Mothers and Grandmothers alike have been telling their children and grandchildren to “sit up straight!” for many generations and for good reason. Poor posture not only looks bad but can also lead to a variety of healthy problems in adult, primarily low back pain. The challenge in getting kids to “sit up straight!” has always been getting them to listen. Of course, immediately after mom or grandmom says something a child will, most often, sit or stand up straighter but what happens when parents or grandparents aren’t around? Often times children will go back to their same slovenly slouching ways. So what can be done about this? Here is the answer:

The BODY-ALINE back strengthening and posture correction exercise machine is tailor made to accomplish the job. Made for use in the home, office, or gym the BODY-ALINE strengthens back muscles and realigns the spine in under 2 minutes a day with one simple exercise motion and, best of all, it’s been proven as a safe and effective means of correcting posture for children ages 12 & up.

How does the BODY-ALINE execute posture exercise for children? It’s very simple. All a child has to is sit in the machine (it’s shaped like a chair), grab the comfortable foam grips in front of the machine, then lean back into a comfortable foam roller, while rotating their arms rearward. This may sound more complicated when describing it words than it really is but it’s really not complicated at all. For a visual that demonstrates how easy this exercise really is, a demonstration video of the product is provided on the homepage of the websites listed below.

Once the child gets in the machine and starts performing the exercise motion, they merely have to do the motion about 20 times to get the desired posture realigning effect for the rest of the day. This exercise should be repeated once a day and it only takes about 2 minutes at a time. Quite simple, there isn’t an easier or better way to do posture exercises for children on the market.

Not only is the patented exercise motion of the BODY-ALINE super easy to do but it also provides immediate gratification. After performing 20 repetitions on the machine in under 2 minutes, a child will get out of the machine and immediately stand taller and feel the posture realigning effects right away. This type of immediate feedback/gratification is super crucial for children, as most need to get immediate positive reinforcement to insure their dedication to a health program. Try it and see!

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