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Potable Water Tank Coatings Market Growth Prospects, Demand and Forecast 2026


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2018 -- Potable Water Tank Coatings Market: Overview

Water that can be used for drinking purposes is termed potable water, whether it is used as such or not. Potable water tanks can be defined as those used to store drinking/potable water. They are commonly used in residential and housing infrastructure. However, these tanks are also employed in a wide range of other infrastructure such as industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and passenger ships.

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Potable Water Tank Coatings Market: Drivers & Restraints

Potable water tank coatings need to perform several functions. They need to ensure that external environment does not harm the tank and its quality. For example, potable water tank coatings need to withstand changes in temperature and also resist wear and tear factors such as corrosion. Coatings on the interior part of the tank should not contaminate stored water and vice versa. This particular function of coatings is vital from the point of view of health of those drinking water from such potable water tanks. Smell or taste of water is not affected by coatings. Re-coating of a tank is also an important function served by potable water tank coatings. The lifespan of a potable water tank can be longer than a decade; however, its coating might need to be replaced. Potable water tank coatings are formulated to be functional in wide-ranging temperatures. They are hygienic and provide resistance to chemicals.

Potable water tank coatings are governed by strict regulations, as they can directly affect the health of a large share of population. There exists a wide range of classification societies that provide certificates stating the suitability of a coating's prolonged contact with water. Such certifications are important for companies that plan to sell potable water tank coatings market. These certifications not only ease customer fears, but also provide quality to products and state that their compliance with government regulations.

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Potable Water Tank Coatings Market: Key Segments

Many types of potable water tank coatings are available in the potable water tank coatings market. Solvent-based and solvent-free are the commonly available potable water tank coatings. Other types include ceramic epoxy potable water coatings and epoxy primers. Different types of coatings have different methods of application and downtimes. For instance, certain coatings allow tanks to start service in just two to three days. In other cases, certain coatings may require 10 to 12 days. Certain coatings can be sprayed on tanks, while others need to be applied with a brush or roller.