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Pothitakis Law Firm Introduces 24/7 Online Support


Burlington, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- Getting injured on the job is a terrible situation for employees, especially when they work for large companies. The company has an army of doctors and lawyers who exist only to make sure that the company does not have to pay out any claims. To counter this, workers need assistance from a competent Iowa workers compensation attorney, like Nicholas Pothitakis. The lawyers at the Pothitakis firm have decades of combined experience in Iowa work comp claims, and they can help, not matter what the injury may be. With the introduction of the new 24/7 online support, Pothitakis is making finding an attorney easier than ever.

Workers must understand that they have rights, and those rights are best protected when they have a lawyer to handle their Iowa work comp case. The attorney will ensure that the worker is not being intimidated by the company, and the compensation that is paid is fair. By hiring an attorney, workers do not need to feel pressured to take the first offer they are given, and can work to get the best deal possible. Because of the lost income and the financial pressures that come with being out of work, it is essential that workers contact an attorney right away so the legal process can begin.

With the introduction of the 24/7 online support feature, workers can have many of their questions answered before they ever see an attorney. They will know what to expect as the case progresses and what they will need to bring when they meet their attorney for the first time. This online support will give workers the confidence they need to pursue adequate worker’s compensation.

For Iowa workers compensation attorney Nicholas Pothitakis and his firm give workers the help and support they need to win a worker’s compensation case. If a worker has been injured on the job they need to contact an attorney right away, before the company tries to nullify the claim.

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