PotholeClaimsHelp.com Introduces UK's First Professional Pothole Claim Processing Service

UK motorists can now seek expert assistance from PotholeClaimsHelp.com in case of vehicle damages resulting from potholes, anywhere across the United Kingdom.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- The leading claims processing and handling specialist in the UK, PotholeClaimsHelp.com assist the nationwide UK motorists to recover vehicle damage cost, resulting because of potholes. They help recover the repair costs as well. While they help individual motorists to get their claims funded by the Transport Department, they update the department about the faulty roadside holes that need their attention. Thus, at the macro level, they play the key role in making the roads safer for the motorists.

Reports suggest that a number of motorists hit the road-holes accidently every year. Many of them damage their vehicles and even suffer from injuries. According to an estimate, about 91,800 pothole claims are projected for the year 2014. Ironically, very few of the motorists are aware of the law that guarantees them to claim for the damage and repair costs from the Transport Department or the departments responsible for maintaining road conditions. Roadside holes, drains or poorly maintained roads could be the valid reasons of vehicle accidents and one can claim for the damage. Motorists who don’t have an idea about how to claim for the damage may take advantage of PotholeClaimsHelp.com and their professional claim processing services.

The experts working with PotholeClaimsHelp.com try to establish that the motorist meets with an accident because of badly conditioned roads. They thoroughly investigate to ascertain the reasons behind an accident and gather evidence to strengthen their client’s damage claims in the court. They focus on providing an affordable and efficient claim processing service that will bring the claim benefits to a motorist in a speedy manner.

According to the spokesperson of the company, amidst growing number of pothole related accidents, it has become essential for motorists to become more aware about the pothole damage claims. At the same time, it’s important that departments looking after roads should become more responsible. It is estimated that this year accidents, because of poorly maintained roads, may increase by 20% with respect to previous year’s figures. This stresses upon the importance of creating more awareness around vehicle damage claims that a motorist is entitled to receive because of an accident, taking place due to bad road conditions. One may learn more about their services by visiting the website http://www.potholeclaimshelp.com/

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PotholeClaimsHelp.com is a part of eClaims UK, a financial claims and complaint processing business with the nationwide presence in the UK. They have over 21 years of experience in offering claims processing services and have a qualified and professional team to take care of the tasks. They have several offices across the UK.

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