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Pott Glasses Launches New Anti Blue Light Glasses to Prevent Eye Problems


Subang Jaya, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2018 -- According to a data, Malaysia has one of the highest internet users in the world with 78% penetration to the population. With the increased exposure to the harmful blue lights emitted from the computer screen and smartphones screens, vision-related problems have been on the rise in the country. Pott Glasses is now offering a solution to this long impending problem by offering blue light filtering glasses.

Mr. Hau, The founder and Optical stylist at Pott Glasses, was quoted as saying, "During my backpacking trip in Europe, I noticed a lot of professionals wear stylish glasses that bring out their own personalities. I realized that there is no such trend back in Malaysia which translates into an opportunity in this market." "We emphasize a lot on glasses fitting and customer service, which then become two most important keys in the business.", he further added.

Pott Glasses comes with lenses that use a special anti-blue light coating which offers UV protection, scratch resistance or anti-reflective coating, unlike the basic lens. The multiple layers of coating on some of the multicoated lens has the ability to filter out the maximum amount of blue light that computer screens emit. An additional coating with blue reflection properties is also used to filter and reduce transmission of high energy radiation also known as blue light. There is also a minor yellowish tint that comes along with the anti-blue light coating, that is known to cause color distortion. This helps in increasing color contrast and provide a more comfortable vision in front of the computer. These approaches reduce or neutralize the blue light that enters a user's eyes.

About Pott Glasses
Launched in 2015, Pott Glasses are the anti-blue light protective glasses that come in a diverse range of shapes and colors that can fit every style requirements of adults or teenagers.

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