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Poundseller Now Allowing Customers to Bid for Goods in Multiple Currencies Online


Essex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- The UK’s up and coming online auction site is now giving its users the opportunity to list items in a range of different currencies depending on their needs and location.

In a move that’s been warmly welcomed by regular visitors to the site, registrants can now buy and sell through Poundseller using British sterling (GBP), US dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR).

Customers can find out exactly how much their preferred item costs in another currency by simply clicking on the ‘Currency Converter’ link next to the price of the listing. Doing so takes them straight through to, which is considered by many to be the world’s most accurate foreign exchange website and is therefore a leading resource for currency conversions.

Matt James, Director at Poundseller, thinks that giving customers the option to buy and sell goods using three of the world’s most popular currencies opens up his platform to a much wider demographic and allows his website to compete with the bigger names in the online auction arena.

“Our aim at Poundseller is to make it as easy as possible for our users to buy and sell goods online, and with this in mind, we wanted to ensure that none of our potential customers felt alienated from using our service because of their geographical location or currency preference,” he explains.

“It’s a move that’s gone down extremely well with existing users to date and it’s one of the many USPs that allows our company to hold its own against many of the larger, more established auction sites. For example, we’re also different in that we’re actually the only auction site in the UK that allows its users to advertise items of any size and value for a flat rate of £1 per listing (or the European or American equivalent). Plus, we don’t add any extra commission or membership fees to this one-off charge, so there are no on-going costs associated with the listing.”

Please note that customers may only bid or buy in the currency in which the item is listed. Further information and comprehensive answers to many Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) can be found here.

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Poundseller Ltd is one of the UK’s fastest-growing online auction sites. Founded in 2012, the company does not charge commission, membership or sales fees, ensuring that their auction platform remains a user-friendly and cost-effective option for those who just simply want to sell online!

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