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Powder Coating Equipment Market to Record an Impressive Growth by 2021

The market for powder coating equipment is segmented on the basis of types of components, end-use applications and geography.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2016 -- Powder coating is a covering applied on the material in order to protect the surface from rust or for decoration purpose. Powder coating is a type of coating where free flowing dry powder is applied on the surface of metal using different techniques. Powder coating is usually done to provide strong finishing which is not possible by conventional painting. Powder used for coating is made up of thermoplastic or thermoset polymer and is applied electrostatically on the surface. Powder coating is mainly used for household appliances, aluminum extrusion, automobiles and drum hardware. Electrostatic coating is one of the most widely deployed powder coating technology owing to its efficiency, simpler operation and cost effectiveness.

Owing to the benefits offered by powder coatings techniques, demand for powder coated materials have increased greatly around the globe. Being cost effective technology, powder coating is adopted by most of the interior designers to make infrastructure presentable and protected from hostile climatic conditions. Some other factors driving the market for powder coating equipment include resistance over chipping, scratching, wearing and fading of finishing work like other conventional paints. Furthermore, powder coating also helps in reducing the emission of volatile organic compounds on the surface. However, there are certain factors restraining the growth of powder coating equipment market. For instance, powder coating is not feasible for large areas. Also, it becomes difficult to apply powder coating over the complex geometric areas. Thus, this limits the applications of powder coating, posing a restraint to the market growth. Furthermore, usage of air compressors in certain techniques of powder coatings makes the operation more complex and tedious, thereby posing a drawback for market growth.

The market for powder coating equipment is segmented on the basis of types of components, end-use applications and geography. Segmentation on the basis of types of components include ovens and booths, powder coat guns and coating powders. Powder coating gun is mainly used to spray powder on the surface and add electric current on powder to make it stick to the surface. On the basis of types of gun, powder coating market can be segmented into hotcoat powder coating gun, dual-voltage powder coating gun, electrostatic gun or corona gun, tribo gun, and others. Ovens and booths are primarily used to cure the powder coated material. Market for powder coating equipment on the basis of types of ovens and booths is segmented into convection cure ovens, infrared cure ovens and others. Powder coating finds its applications in numerous areas such as domestic usage, industrial application, coating rectification, building infrastructures, automobiles and others. Market segmentation for powder coating equipment on the basis of geography include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

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