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Powder Coating: Making Its Way Into the Paint Industry

A lot of people are used to the liquid paints which have been around the market since time immemorial. Though a lot of these undergone innovations to make it environment friendly, still the majorities of liquid paints contains harmful solvents and emit volatile compounds which may bring adverse effects to the human body. This gives the powder coating paints the opportunity to shine in the paint industry.


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Through a powder coating equipment, paints in powder form are sprayed to a metal surface which is heated in an oven afterwards for the hue to stay intact. The use of these paints lessens the use of mineral spirits and hydrocarbon thinners used in conventional paints. The aromatic hydrocarbon thinners are toxic in nature and can cause both short term and long term hazard to the environment and a lot of health risks as well.

Powder coating paints’ advantage over the traditional liquid paints leads to a high demand and is expected to reach a market value of $12.48 billion dollars by 2020. Growing support for the use of powder coatings in comparison to conventional liquid paints by regulatory agencies such as EPA and REACH on account of negligible VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions is expected to be a key driver for market growth. In addition, increasing application demand with regards to automotive, appliances and consumer goods is also expected to coerce powder coating sales over the next six years.

The largest application market for powder coating is the consumer goods that reached an estimated consumption of 437.3 kilo tons last year. Automotive and general industries were the key application markets with expected combined sales that may reach $5.11 billion dollars by 2020. In the furniture industry, the demand for powder coating is rather small last year but is expected to have a significant growth of 7.6% this year through 2020.

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