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Power of Paradise: Inspirational Author Aims to Empower Global Change, Through New Self-improvement Book

Through a series of compelling fictional stories, writer and visionary Dave Skyé seeks to help people change the world around them. According to Skyé, it’s all down to the choices we make.


Silver Spring, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2012 -- Through a series of truly life-changing fictional stories, one Maryland-based author today announces his intention to equip and empower others to commit to making a positive difference to their world.

Dave Skyé’s new book, Power of Paradise, contains a rich expanse of short stories. Each offering places focus on a different facet of overall ‘paradise’ – a place Skyé is confident that anyone can find.

As he explains, his own life experiences gave rise to a burning desire to share his wisdom with the world.

“This book came from a desperate attempt to do something about the world I live in. After the events of 911, the Columbine shooting and several radical and tragic events in society that seemed to bring a feeling of despair, I started going through a serious feeling of despair myself,” he explains.

Continuing, “I looked through the window of history and saw so many uncertainties in our world, and a lack of moral or ethical integrity to keep it balanced. I became depressed and chose to release my frustrations in the form of an inspiration to make changes in the world around me. I had to also break through some personal struggles and put my heart to write”

His project resulted in a wholly unique literary concept, one which shares the wisdom behind the choices people make through a collection of fictional stories. Seeking to empower anyone who dares read them; each life lesson prepares its audience to garner the courage they need to make a difference and transpose the world into one of powerful ideas, thinking, contributions and achievements.

“As such all my stories follow a theme of self-discovery, love, motivation and courage; to effect a change in one’s self and the world at large,” Skyé adds.

Official Synopsis:
A Collection of some of the most interesting, thought provoking and powerful stories ever told. This book, though short would motivate you to take a stand for the best choices and make the difference necessary to empower this generation and others after it. It could define the best culture of our generation. This is what "P.O.P" feels like when you truly act with a purpose in the world. It is the Power of Paradise!

Readers can expect a myriad of lessons from all walks of life. For example:
Divergent Doctrines-
Why the unknown world of your dreams could be the best answer to the world

A Warning-
Why your best priorities will define your experiences

Cultural Insanity-
Why you must take any opportunity given to you, to stand against the acts of tyranny.

Open Mic-
Why every artist must take the stage with their gift and give it their best

“I have had extremely tumultuous experiences as a youth, forcing me to dig deep into myself to find answers to the problems around me. I also looked at the contributions of great men and women in history who found a way to make an impact in society. My love of knowledge allows me to be indiscriminate in searching for truths that give us purpose on this earth. I believe these teachers of wisdom in their different ways have left an imprint on my life and inspired me to write,” explains Skyé, discussing how his own life affected his desire to publish his works.

In the short term, Skyé advises anyone with a desire for change to buy the book and empower their own ability to contribute to global succession.

“The opportunity is there. My book will help; all I ask is that you give both it and yourself the chance,” he concludes.

Power of Paradise, published by CreateSpace, is available now. For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.powerofparadise.com

His progress can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

Direct purchase link: https://www.createspace.com/3396115

About the Author: Dave Skyé
Dave Skyé “AOB”(pronounced ski~yeh) was born in Brooklyn, New York. His thirst for knowledge has led him into the study of many subjects in search of timeless truths. Even at the height of his understandings, he realizes life is a continuous process of learning and appreciation.

His mistakes, his experiences, his gifts, his visions are all pathways he has been given to fully understand the overall connection of mankind to their greatest abilities. It is within this appreciation he realizes the relativity of absolute truths based on our inherent intelligence available at any given moment in time. He realizes that the choices we make are much bigger than all our personal realities and are interconnected in ways that are mysterious and timeless.

Skyé also believes everyone is capable of being unified from within through sincere dialogues with oneself on what are perceived as truths. He sees everyone as a level of awareness capable of truths from a greater intelligence that runs through us all. He believes we are all linked together through a profound wisdom and hopes that not only he, but all those who read this book can appreciate the wisdom that connects us all and affect the change that uplifts us all.

He picked up the art of writing while in college and has since savored the opportunity to express his ideas to the world. As a writer he learns that research is key to any great work and as such is devoting his time to research, as it pertains to his next works.