Zack Miller

TrueVibe Outstrips Power Plate in Terms of Quality, Safety and Performance

The negative effects of Power Plate technology render it an unsuitable choice for those trying to lose weight. By contrast, selecting TrueVibe is highly recommended being a vibration platform which has the distinct advantage of a stainless steel platform providing superior performance, greater reliability, enhanced benefits and the all important safety of usage.


Istanbul, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2012 -- In an attempt to achieve rapid weight loss, many uninformed people turn to Power Plate. A vibration platform has for purpose to stimulate the natural response of the human body when subjected to vibration. Such vibration causes a rapid and involuntary reaction of the body thereby provoking muscles to work. Rather like a reaction to someone poking a finger in the direction of your eye or trying to push you over backwards. The body, that's to say the body's muscles, react automatically... Such involuntary reaction necessitates a very dependable and very safe technology to avoid triggering any negative side effects. For this reason alone, it is highly recommended that TrueVibe be selected over Power Plate.

TrueVibe employs the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) technology which readily facilitates weight loss in a secure and safe manner. The same, however, cannot be said of Power Plate! Prolonged use of Power Plate can cause back pain due to it's jarring effect on the body. "3D", that Power Plate claims is a technological advantage in this arena, is in fact totally the opposite with unquantifiable but definite downsides to it's use. The Power Plate machine is manufactured from plastic and uses cheap electric motors. TrueVibe is the Mercedes or BMW in vibration platforms while Power Plate is a third world import! The important consequence of this production process results in unreliable or "uncontrolled" linear vibration which in layman's language means that the platform vibrates in any and every direction. Unbelievably, 3D is being promoted as a superior technology! At the very least, some may see this as a misrepresentation of the facts for in reality such a cheaply manufactured machine can result in unecessary and potentially injurious pressure on bodily joints.

In contrast, TrueVibe offers a perfectly healthy and harmless method to lose weight quickly and without potential negative side effects. And it's relatively effortless as a bonus! One of the prime differentiators from the Power Plate offering is TrueVibe's solid stainless steel structure vs plastic used in the competitor's product. The TrueVibe platform is made from German components and manufactured in the Netherlands ensuring it's reliability, effectiveness and safety. TrueVibe delivers the benefits it claims and does it in a timely and safe manner. That's rather different from Power Plate's machine which is manufactured in India from cheaper and less reliable components, so a lesser quality product offering inferior performance and reduced benefits to the user.

The Power Plate machine is more vulnerable, due to the plastic used in the manufacture of the machine, to damage vs the stainless steel used in the TrueVibe machine. The impact and resistance associated with vibration training can weaken a product manufactured from plastic in a relatively short space of time. Spare parts can be expensive which can raise service costs to levels which rapidly reduce any financial advantages of deploying the machine. On the other hand TrueVibe promises a far longer shelf life due to the use of German technology and superior manufacturing in the Netherlands. Spare parts are also less expensive. Apart from greater reliability and safety, financial returns from deploying the TrueVibe machine will be far more attractive than the more expensive Power Plate product.

The TrueVibe machine offers other unique features. Flexibility and suppleness are very important when it comes to effective exercising. This is assured by TrueVibe's adjustable handles. Arm positioning can be easily adjusted which prevents interruption during use. Conversely, Power Plate's fixed handle make self adjustment rather difficult. This again supports the choice of TrueVibe over PowerPlate as a more effective machine for weight loss and muscle strengthening.

About Power Plate vs TrueVibe
Power Plate vs TrueVibe is a comparative analysis of the two machines as used for weight loss, muscle strengthening and overall health improvement. Due to it's clearly superior manufacturing quality, proven reliability, lower cost of maintenance, higher level of safety and delivery of greater benefits on a more timely basis, TrueVibe is recommended as the vibration platform of choice when compared to Power Plate.