Power Woman Business Center's 501 C3, the PWBC Gets Recognized by the IRS

As a Business-incubator, PWBC's will help create jobs by bringing new businesses to the Santa Clarita, CA area with an emphasis on helping start-up businesses.


Santa Clarita, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2012 -- Power Woman Business Center (PWBC) is pleased to announce that the IRS has recognized its 501c3, the PMBC Foundation. PWBC now has an official and public charity, created in direct response to requests and interest from Small Business owners and PWBC members The new entity allows business and members a nonprofit vehicle to donate their time and money and engage in an even greater amount of community involvement.

Power Woman Business Center’s 501 C3 non-profit status, virtually assures it will continue with its mission to create jobs and business opportunities for entrepreneur in Santa Clarita, CA. PWBC currently houses 10 start-up businesses, and has hosted many other successful business that are now currently renting their own offices. PWBC even has plans on the drawing board to open a new facility near Downtown LA.

As a business-incubator, PWBC's main function is to create jobs by bringing new businesses to the area with an emphasis on helping start-up businesses. Patricia Gracia, President and Founder of PWBC, believes in the importance of new business start ups to help overall US economy and job market recover from the recent recession. Patricia found a way to give back to the community and help businesses weather the economic recession, which has her beaming with enthusiasm. "Sometimes all people need is a little direction." "During a recession is the time to seize opportunities to create new business ventures, and the facts affirm a potential market - through small business orders, and these entrepreneurs need help to start their business during this difficult times."

According to a Kauffman Foundation study, job growth in the United States is driven by start-ups, which add 3 million new jobs per year, versus existing firms which only generate about 1 million jobs per year.

Patricia Gracia proclaims: "We cannot depend on the government to generate all of the jobs needed for recovery. The recession time, it is the time for opportunities and to start a new business.” The PWCB Mission is now expanding and Patricia is dedicated to facilitating the collaboration and mentoring needed by those courageous enough to start their own business in spite of the current economy.

"Since the center is located in the cities of Santa Clarita Enterprise Zone, many of the small businesses helped by PWBC may potentially qualify for enterprise zone credits, which constitutes a state income tax savings opportunity," said Laura Biery, administrative analyst with the City of Santa Clarita's Economic Development Division. Biery welcomed Patricia's initiative and stated, "The women's business center will complement our other programs we have in the city very well."

The PWBC would not exist, and would never have grown so quickly, without the tireless support of the entire board, particularly countless donated hours and guidance from Patricia Gracia-President and Bruce Majeski-CFO, who put the Foundation together and presented such a compelling package to the IRS that 501c3 status was granted in less than two months.

“We are honestly blown away that our 501c3 status happened so quickly,” Commented Patricia Gracia.

Patricia is a firm believer that there is opportunity in economic recession. Born in Peru, she crossed the border into the United States from Mexico in 1987, when she was 18 years old, with little more than "big dreams." She became a U.S. citizen 15 years ago and looking back on that time, says, "I remember looking north and seeing the lights of California and saying, 'I'm going to get there. I'm going to do big things.' I owe this country so much; this is my way of giving back." The Power Woman Business Center is open and ready to work with the community.