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Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2020 -- Powered is a mobile app development agency that offers a vast range of efficient iOS and android development solutions to their clients. Over the years, they have received several awards for the excellent apps they are creating. The agency has deep experience and expertise in the app development industry. They use the latest technology to develop apps.

Offering reasons to use dark themes in mobile apps, the company spokesperson said, "Dark theme/mode is when the background of the app is changed to a dark color. Here are the reasons why dark themes are essential for mobile apps. Dark themes reduce the strain on the user's eyes and allow them to use the app for longer durations. They don't drain a phone's battery as the normal modes do. Dark modes also improve user experience. Though dark themes have numerous benefits, they can cause the opposite effect if not designed properly. Individuals can end up with headaches and dry eyes. Thus, clients should seek the services of an experienced app developer whenever they want to create an app."

Many businesses today use mobile apps irrespective of their size. Mobile apps are one of the most effective ways of expanding a business. They have changed the scope of growing business exponentially. Nowadays, many customers use mobile phones for various purposes, such as purchasing products online. To reach out to clients, business owners use mobile apps to contact them. Businesses are advised to have their own apps to give the best experience to their customers. There are several ways in which mobile apps help a business to grow. Mobile apps help with specific-targeting, builds brand recognition, builds customer loyalty, and many more. Those looking for an app developer can contact Powered. The agency is one of the best mobile app development companies in Dubai.

Offering tips to succeed in app development, the company spokesperson said, "Android is the most used operating system with more than half of the mobile users opting for the operating system. This is partly due to its compatibility with different mobile devices. Here are tips to succeed in android app development. Clients should market the app on social media. They should add a viral feature to their app. Clients should also provide upgrades to keep their apps relevant in the minds of people. Individuals should hire the right mobile application development company to help them design an intuitive interface."

Wondering where to find mobile application development companies in Dubai? Powered is a Dubai-based company that designs, builds, and develops a mobile application for their clients. They have a team of experienced and high skilled developers who ensure that they understand their client's requirements before they create a mobile app. The agency offers personalized services to its clients. They carry out a thorough research on their apps to ensure that they function properly and respond to the criteria set by their clients.

About Powered
Powered is a company that designs and develop apps for their clients. They aim to create apps that make a buzz.