Powered Is Offering Mobile App Development in Dubai


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2019 -- POWERED by Egraphic DMCC is a renowned company based in Dubai that specializes in developing amazing mobile applications that serve myriad business needs. It is acclaimed to be the first developer to offer augmented reality. The firm has mutually partnered with Emirates Graphic, which offers professional web design services in Dubai and is the best solution for high quality, responsive website development. DMCC provides the market and financial infrastructure required to establish Powered as a hub for global trade. The firm has a well-trained, dedicated and passionate team of mobile application developers who can transform a client's ideas into mobile apps, POWERED serves both small and large business mobile apps requirements in UAE as well as internationally.

The company spokesperson said, "Our ambition is to develop incredible mobile apps that serve our clients' requirements and that individuals will talk about and use them over and again. We are the first agency to develop an augmented reality in Dubai, a mobile app that enables users to change the world around them and create endless possibilities and engage with mobile apps on a different level."

Powered is a top-rated company with a mission of offering quality backed and affordable application building services in the UAE and other countries. As one of the most sought-after companies in Dubai, it provides the best app development in Dubai which tends to help many business premises to establish a large client base by developing the applications that can help with their client targets. Some of their featured projects include Smartship, XXSIM and The Guest List. Businesses looking forward to building the best mobile applications should not hesitate to contact Powered as they are just a phone call away.

The company spokesperson added, "It is high time that businesses start developing mobile applications to sustain the efficiency of their marketing strategy because more users are accessing the information, they want on mobile phones platforms, and there are two big names: Apple and Android. If the mobile app needs to be functioning on both platforms, then POWERED is the best place for versatile mobile application development in Dubai for marketing."

Powered offers the best android app development in Dubai. The firm has been featured by Template Monster, Buzzfeed, HuffPost among many more information sources as a firm that offers fantastic apps at reasonable prices. A typical example of an application in Saudi Arabia is SmartShip. Smartship is an established shipping company which helps small businesses deliver goods to customers using a vast and intricate network. SmartShip lacked a mobile application as well as more vertical integration to allow people to not only ship products using their services but also to sell on the platform. Powered came to their aid and developed an app suitable for the company's operations.

About Powered
POWERED is a mobile application development company, and an acclaimed first-ever agency to offer augmented reality development. POWERED acts not only as developers and designers of Android as well as iOS Apps in Dubai but also as consultants. Building an app and growing a business is so profoundly interlaced and POWERED by Egraphic DMCC aims to help Enterprises see the commercial potential of mobile applications to companies.

Contact Information
Company Name: Powered
Address: Tiffany Tower, JLT Cluster W Office 1406, Cluster W, Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 (50) 912 4567
Email: hello@powered.ae
Website: https://www.powered.ae/