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Powerful and Emotive Memoir by Jessie Karen Provides Compelling Approach to Recovery, Spiritual Healing and the Pursuit of Dreams


Suisun City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- While Jessie Karen has triumphantly overcome the great adversity of family violence, bullying and emotional abuse, she makes it clear that anyone can duplicate her inner successes. With a powerful message of healing and forgiveness, Karen’s approach to both physical and spiritual recovery is as pertinent to society as the story she has to tell.

Everything is exposed in ‘More Will Be Revealed: One Glimpse At A Time’, a potentially life-changing memoir about a remarkable life. It is the first story in the newly released anthology ‘Letters To My Bully’, edited by Azaan Kamau via Glover Lane Press.


Jessie Karen’s ‘More Will Be Revealed, One Glimpse at a Time’ is a collection of inspirational and testimonial essays that highlight the struggles, victory, growth and evolution of a human soul growing up in a dysfunctional family. 36 essays and 4 poems immerse readers into the perils of family violence and emotional abuse while outlining the road to healing and recovery for those who have survived it.

More Will Be Revealed highlights, ‘family recovery,’ by giving readers hope and authentic options for healing. This book is a great tool for therapists, individuals in the recovery process and psychology students or anyone who wants to understand the impact of family violence and what really needs to happen for recovery to take place.

As the author explains, her prose and poetry was inspired by both her journey to forgiveness and by those she held near and dear.

“The main storylines mostly come from my witnessing the aging and death of my parents - an adopted father who saved the wounded child, a birthmother whom I found in early recovery and the dementia of my adopted mother who has lost all of her memories - giving me permission to find my own,” says Jessie, who remains committed to carrying her message of peace.

Continuing, “Anyone can find theirs, too. They just have to be willing to face the dragons, be brave knights and be willing to go into the dark forests unarmed and re-remember that which broke them in the first place. Re-parenting one’s inner child is a powerful experience.”

Since its release the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“A chance meeting in mid-flight, Jessie Karen and I exchanged our published books. She told me she had turned the tables on the bullies in her life by writing back. As I read her pages in this book, I recognized my woundedness, and allowed her words to heal me. You will do the same,” says Dr. Jacob K. Ray, a noted best-selling author.

Artist Alan Gutierrez was equally as impressed, saying, “Her writing is raw, colorful and inspiring. It has been said that I have the vision to make the futures real and the craft to reveal it to us all. Jessie Karen has the same vision and craft for the present."

To accompany her wisdom, Jessie Karen has also set herself an admirable goal; to give away one book for every copy she sells. With her vision to donate one million books to good causes, Jessie is aware that spreading the word far and wide is the key to helping others to create their own roadmap to recovery.

“I want everyone who buys my book to know that a second one will go to a women's shelter in Texas, or a treatment center in Oregon, or a prison in Canada. This is an immensely-powerful concept; let’s press forward today,” she concludes.

‘More Will Be Revealed: One Glimpse At A Time’, published by Glover Lane Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/YG5gom. For more information, visit: http://www.jessiesync.com

About Jessie Karen
Jessie Karen began her journey of healing September 9, 1984, using writing as a platform to share her struggles. Jessie’s essay, ‘Sheer Delight’, was selected for publication in the Lambda Award nominated anthology “Letters To My Bully”. Jessie can be found in sunny northern California, working on her next book, relaxing with her wife of many years and smiling happily at their miniature Dachshund family.