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Powerful Book of Poetry by Brenda Elizabeth Rose Gives Vital Insight Into Life of Elderly

Inspired by her observations of those living in her retirement residence, Brenda Elizabeth Rose’s ‘Selected Poems’ depicts life from a unique perspective. Covering topics including illness, aging and faith, the book is resonating with readers around the world.


Cumberland, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- While growing old marks a pivotal turning point in life, writer Brenda Elizabeth Rose has seen dozens of empowering women embrace it with true grace. With such a strong insight into the views of the elderly, her own observations of women living at her retirement residence has inspired an uplifting new book of poetry.

‘Selected Poems’ will warm and delight the hearts of anyone wanting to experience life from a unique and powerful perspective.


This collection of poetry by Miss Brenda E. Rose presents a refreshing, meaningful and unique perception on life, which is intended to lift the spirits and delight the heart of you, the reader.

By listening to the tales of the women who live in her Retirement Residence, Miss Rose has gained much insight into the lives of the elderly, and those who live with Alzheimer’s. Listening to these heart-warming tales inspired Miss Rose to write. This collection of poetry invites you to journey with her through topics like aging, illness, faith, and Christianity.

As the author explains, the material for her book came straight from the minds and mouths of those living around her.

“The women I live with truly make life special, with each one filling me with the drive and inspiration I needed to write this book. I now invite readers to embark on their own journey into the third-age, exploring topics that will provide thought-provoking insights into what may lay ahead,” says Rose.

Having achieved great success, Rose has recently announced that she has a brand new book in the works.

‘A New Collection of Poetry’, due for release this summer, brings seventy new pages to the reader on topics including friendship, Christmas and a myriad of other inspirational subjects.

In the meantime, ‘Selected Poems’ is available in paperback format from FriesenPress, Amazon, B&N and other retailers. The eBook version is available exclusively from the FriesenPress bookstore.

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The Lines of Aging
The lines you see draw a Picture
That the Artist alone creates
Drawn is ageless beauty
From the folds upon your Face

For all that you have granted
To the most and least of sake
Are marks from Angel’s Kisses
And the Artist is God’s Grace

About the Author: Brenda Elizabeth Rose
Miss Rose currently lives in a Retirement Residence. She acquired a college diploma in law from Cambrian College, Sudbury, Ontario.

Brenda finds great comfort in weekly Mass, and her private times in the Chapel in her Residence. She also enjoys reading her poems to her friends at the Residence, and getting their creative input.

Miss Rose intends to continue writing poetry with the hopes of publishing another book in the near future.