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Powerful Business Study Announced


St. George, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- Business leaders often suffer from severe social isolation, but the truth is that success is not a lonely endeavor. 90% of CEO’s report that they continue to miss out on major profit opportunities as they struggle to navigate the challenges that still lay ahead.

The study is based on a 20-Point deep analytic tool co-developed by Dr. Bonniksen and Krista Joy Palmer, MBA, Legend People CFO. Business performance will be measured based on marketing, sales and efficiencies. Companies selected for participation in the study will receive a powerful and eloquent business plan mapping the company’s customized next fastest path to cash.

The Legend People marketing and research firm announced this week the launch of a 90 day study of 100 businesses to identify and disaggregate the factors that have enabled small and medium businesses to survive the worst economic period of time since the Great Depression. CEO, Dr. Kimberly Bonniksen stated, “The tenacity and sacrifices that have allowed the survival of these organizations through one of the most challenging economic periods in global history, should be documented. Understanding and memorializing the qualities that enabled these businesses to survive and thrive will yield important lessons for individual organizations and the small business community at large, accelerating legendary levels of profitability and sustainability.”

Kimberly Bonniksen, EDD, CEO of The Legend People Marketing Research and Consulting firm, is a highly sought after doctoral level researcher, branding strategist and author. Dr. Bonniksen’s proprietary branding formula, “Legend Building” is the foundation of The Legend People Research and Marketing Firm and is the culmination of more than 20 years of research in education, business, marketing and anthropology. Legend People boasts the highest credentialed Consultants and Researchers passionate about transforming organizations to legendary status. Dr. Bonniksen is author of Aesop: Ancient Master of Persuasion and Legend Building: Ancient Wisdom for Radically Better Branding.

Krista Joy Palmer, MBA, Legend People CFO is a highly successful entrepreneur with proven strategies for accelerated revenue growth, scalability and profit maximization. Krista currently has served on the Executive Committee for the Economic Development Council and has been appointed twice by the Governor to state policy and regulatory boards. She is an Angel investor and is a founding member of an Angel investment group. Krista has successfully designed metrics for objective analysis and review across a vast number of industries and locales.

The Legend People have transformed marketing stories to Legends for hundreds of companies, from startups to the 4th largest retailer in the world. The Legend People executiveshave worked with Costco, University of Phoenix, Business Breakthroughs International: a Chet Holmes/Tony Robbins Company, the International Association Online Learning to name a few. Legend People are long- time advocates for the educational rights and opportunities for disenfranchised populations.