Powerful Low Cost Animation Now Available for Small Businesses

Maria Johnsen the hyperpolyglot SEO PPC programmer and entrepreneur is offering inexpensive video and animation creation for small and medium sized businesses


Trondheim, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- Maria Johnsen the hyperpolyglot SEO PPC programmer and entrepreneur is offering inexpensive video and animation creation for small and medium sized businesses. Video Creation & Animation from Maria Johnsen provides attractive, powerful animated videos that are low in production cost. The videos can be used by businesses for promotion, advertisement, instruction, or other uses where video is appropriate.

The animated videos are simple in concept, but they help promote a product or service in a more powerful fashion than standard images and text. The animations are done in full color, come with appropriate background music and display key text to help sharpen the message. The primary purpose of the animated videos is to provide more power and impact to the type of message that is being delivered. There are a number of different styles that clients can choose, including commercials, travel packages, product presentation, job resume, SEO marketing or just plain fun. All videos can be customized for a specific use.

The animation is low cost, but high impact as it delivers the message in an interesting, engaging fashion. The process starts when a business chooses which type of video they want. The prices run from $40 and up depending on the project and the length of the video. Plus, each project has a turnaround time of 2 to 3 days for a short, 60 second video. Longer videos will have a longer turnaround time as well. The process starts with the client paying for the service and submitting a rudimentary script which consists of what they want emphasized. However, if the client does not want to submit a full script, then the basic information provided can be used and combined with a pre-written script. The pre-written scripts are similar to the demonstration videos where the new information fills in where needed.

Also, the voice over can be done in different languages as well. The languages consist of American, British, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Chinese. The language of the voice over will need to be indicated in the script as well. The price for voice over work is separate from the initial price of the video. The greater the length of the video, the more expensive the voice over work will be. However, using the appropriate language in the voice over script can add to the impact of the presentation.

Perhaps the biggest impact that these videos will have is on SEO marketing. For small businesses looking to boost their brand awareness, the videos will be keyword ranked in Google. This means greater awareness of SEO keywords through rankings which boost customer traffic. This service provides subscribers, likes, and professional comments that help boost traffic. For small businesses looking to expand their SEO marketing, this video creation service promises to have the video ranked on Google’s Page #1. This allows for specific competitive keywords or phrases to be found more easily on local and global search engines.

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Maria Johnsen is a multilingual seo ppc expert and programmer. She has an extensive experience in search engine programming and video creation. She offers animation for commercials from $31 value $250.

location: Norway