Powerful Natural Formula CandidaMed Successfully Fights Yeast Infections

Gynaecologists invented herbal remedy that helps in fighting candida infections. It is called CandidaMed and comes in form of spray.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2018 -- Nowadays, different treatment methods of yeast infections are known.

Fluconazole-based tablets are widely used, but their negative impact on the microflora of the whole body (intestines, stomach, mouth), they can not be used for more than once in 6 months.

Suppositories and intravaginal creams are a bit inconvenient. They leak, and act slowly - the first positive effect can be expected in 3-4 days.

Traditional methods as herbal decoctions, baths, and douches temporarily relieve the symptoms, and usually the infection reoccurs soon.

CandidaMed formula is a blend of plant extracts, specially selected to rid the sufferer of itching and burning sensations even after the first application. It contains Bearberry (dissolves the membrane of single-celled Candida yeast and destroys them), Chamomile (improves the condition of vaginal microflora and suppresses the development of pathogenic germs), Fireweed (eliminates pathogenic bacteria), Orange oil (has natural antibacterial properties), and Tremella (stimulates local immunity and prevents Candida growth).

CandidaMed spray is already in stock in several Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. The product can be ordered online at distributor's official website. Delivery takes up to 5 days and the payment method is cash on delivery.