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Powerful New Forex Indicator Is Featured at TheForexArticles.com


Wells, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- There are lots of different forex indicators that people can use to help them make consistent profits from the currency markets, but a new indicator has recently been developed that is said to be even more powerful than many of these indicators.

Details of this new inidcator are available in this latest blog post from TheForexArticles.com, and according to this article, the reason why there is so much excitement about this new indicator is because it can apparently indicate on the chart where all the big money is sitting.

It is predominantly the banks, hedge funds and financial institutions that really move the markets, and so the fact that this indicator can supposedly highlight on the charts where positions are being entered by these big hitters means that it could potentially be very profitable for ordinary traders.

Everyone wants to trade in the same direction as these influential market participants, and this indicator can supposedly help people achieve this goal, and potentially increase their overall success rate.

Commenting on this new indicator, a spokesman for TheForexArticles.com said:

"It is the dream of every forex trader to know what the big boys are trading at any given time, and where they are entering their positions because the market often responds accordingly if there is real support at a given price point. So this new indicator is likely to be hugely popular with many traders because that's exactly what this one does."

Full details of this powerful new forex indicator can be found at:


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