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Powerful New Novel Transcends Traditional Literary Romance to Rock Balance of Love & Hate, as Teenager Has Tumultuous First Sexual Experience

Masterfully crafted by Fernando Lopez, ‘Cold Sand’ straddles themes of love, emotional heartache and hate as one young teenager on vacation has his first sexual experience with the beach houses voluptuous caretaker. However, it is so much more than a fling, and Lopez takes readers deep into a world of truth where a simple desire for lust quickly transposes into possible bloodshed.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- While most authors use their first novel to do nothing but simply test the literary waters, Florida’s Fernando Lopez is quickly proving that a debut release is also an opportunity to rival a genre’s best-sellers. Lopez has struck the tough balance of providing a novel that explores one teenager’s complicated first sexual experience, written without stooping to the use of smut or profanity.

That’s why ‘Cold Sand’ is garnering so much attention; it encapsulates the complications of desire in a way that truly exposes the fragility of the human condition.


A young man goes on vacation with his parents. After grieving the possible birth of his sibling, he agrees to go. Much to his surprise the disappointment of the destination began to change. He begins to fancy the voluptuous caretaker. The age difference seemed not to interfere. The romance develops in secret. Other bizarre ingredients begin to developed.

The sinister elements find a way to attack into the peaceful setting. The past and present find a dead-end to happiness. Love seems to be the greater power over it all. It is a suspenseful turmoil that causes blood to be shed. The cold sand is thirsty. The balance between love and hate take an unexpected turn. So young in love and so scarred with the emotional wounds forever in his heart, remain.

“This isn’t erotic fiction – not by any means,” admits Lopez. “It’s more an exposé’ of humanity’s rocky nature, told from the perspective of a young man who gives into his urges while not letting go of his emotional demons. Many of us have put ourselves in this dangerous position, and my narrative will resonate with each of them.”

Continuing, “My over-riding goal was to stay true to the beauty of the English language and not water the story or its perceptions down with cheap profanity or pornographic depictions. We’re rapidly losing our way with words and I want to educate others to understand that they can impart a bold message without having to follow the latest trends or twist a knot into the fray of English’s rulebooks. In all, this is a wholly-unique book.”

Readers appear to agree, leaving a string of positive reviews. For example, Marcus comments, “It is refreshing to be able to read and not have to go through hundreds of pages to read a good story. I really enjoyed the style. It is a must read to those that are who want an alternative to the ordinary.”

Another reader adds, “Excellent read...love supporting local talent. This book is a must, can't wait for the new novels to come out later this year.”

‘Cold Sand’, from Publish Green, is available now: http://amzn.to/VNrwTd.

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About Fernando Lopez
I love to write. It is a wonderful gift I love to share. I have been writing for years using pen and paper. It is now that I've found an avenue to bring it to the readers via internet. I hope to share more stories in the near future.