Announces New Version of Cloud-Based Business Presentation Software


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2014 -- CustomShow, the leading innovator for cloud-based multi-media enterprise presentations, has just announced several key new features. The latest release extends CustomShow’s Microsoft PowerPoint integration with a robust importer allowing companies to quickly and easily leverage their existing presentation library. Converted PowerPoint presentations can be edited and customized in the cloud with CustomShow’s design-focused platform. Importing PowerPoint content into CustomShow lets companies add the benefits of cloud editing and collaboration, seamless video integration, real-time Library updates, and viewing metrics and analytics to their existing sales and marketing workflow in order to simplify process, make an impact and deliver results.

Unlike PowerPoint, where presentations are created, managed, and accessible only from the desktop, CustomShow presentations are accessible and editable anywhere. In addition, to presenting on any computer platform, users may utilize a CustomShow offline player on their laptop, tablet, or iPad to present -- even without an Internet connection. With the new PowerPoint importer in this release, presenters mitigate the pains of emailing huge attachments and unreliable video playback. CustomShow’s Presentation Library transforms scattered sales presentations into a powerful, updateable, and measurable sales enablement knowledge base that is securely stored online. No more digging through file directories, costly third-party document management systems or relying on out-dated local copies of important presentations.

“Other key new capabilities for this release are productivity enhancements for the slide creator,” said Paul Shapiro, CEO of CustomShow. “Every minute saved building slides and assembling presentations is time better spent elsewhere.” Key design and productivity features, such as video backgrounds, custom fonts, and interactivity, have always been one of the core benefits of CustomShow, and with the productivity enhancements in the latest release these features are more powerful and easier to use than ever.

About CustomShow, Inc.
CustomShow is the first software platform to treat presentations as a true marketing and branding channel. Whether you’re a salesperson, marketer, designer or sales manager, CustomShow makes it easier for you to have a greater impact on sales and measure those results. CustomShow improves design, organization, delivery, updating, and security for all presentations across your entire organization.

More than just a PowerPoint alternative, CustomShow is a “brand engagement delivery platform” that reaches key customers and clients where you can have the greatest impact and engagement – in the sales meeting. The CustomShow platform is designed for businesses, and is the result of bringing together design, management and cutting-edge cloud technology. Created over 14 years ago, CustomShow continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of business clients and allows companies and organizations to build better, branded presentations. Simplify Your Process. Make an Impact. Deliver Results.

Customers include AMC Networks, Vox Media, Discovery Communications, Hearst, Philips, and Western Union among many others.

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