PPCThor Creates and Manages Global AdWords Campaigns in All Major Languages

PPCThor are a Hong Kong based, globally active AdWords and SEM service provider who have an international team of experts dedicated to creating the most effective AdWords campaigns.


Kowloon, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- AdWords is a powerful tool and is the most effective and transparent advertising platform in the world, as it allows businesses to capture the attentions of potential customers already looking for their product or service. PPCThor are an SEM and AdWords company with a global client list, who are now offering their AdWords campaign management service to freelancers as well as multinationals.

The company has identified that more people than ever are working on a freelance basis and that those people are now preferred by major clients to complete work. These freelancers value their flexibility and independence and companies respect that they have specialised skills. In order to connect their specialised skills with business users however, these freelancers need effective AdWords campaigns.

PPCThor are offering a Google AdWords service for freelancers with a rate that makes it easy for freelancers to afford the services and then expand their usage once new clients begin rolling in, using a flexible price plan including different feature sets. These can also be used for resellers who can scale their packages according to the number of clients they bring on board.

PPCThor has enabled many businesses to expand their offering to include PPC while keeping their fixed costs low. Businesses as diverse as PR firms, web developers and SEO companies have all expanded their service offering to PPC while outsourcing the whole process including reporting to PPCThor.

A spokesperson for PPCThor explained, “We create, optimise, oversee and report on AdWords campaigns for English, French, Dutch, Flemish, Greek, Turkish and Italian speaking clients, and are always available to add more top businesses to our client list. The internet is a global medium, and it is important for businesses to compete in a global marketplace even when first starting out. The ability for freelancers to establish a global client list is now as simple as being up to the task at hand, but getting that work requires top flight advertising. At our prices and our years of positive return on investment campaigns, that has never been easier.”

About PPCThor
PPCThor is owned and operated by WEBSEM Limited (Hong Kong). They are a multilingual online marketing company managing campaigns since 2005. Over the years they have offered SEM solutions to a wide range of national and international companies. They are passionate about Google Adwords, and their mission is to create & manage successful Google AdWords campaigns for freelancers, pr firms, web and marketing companies. PPCThor are human experts working hard to get the best results. For more information, please visit: http://www.ppcthor.com/