PPI Claims- Economy Boosting Refunds for Millions of UK Citizens

A PPI claims policy is a form of insurance which is packaged in with certain financial products such as store cards, credit cards, loans and mortgages.


Wakefield, West Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Payment protection Insurance is the means of protecting borrowers from the unexpected, however with so many of these policies being miss sold ppi claims are an essential boost to the economy.

The big issue one may encounter when they have been miss sold PPI is how to actually get the money back.

With so many of these insurance plans miss sold (more than 15 million miss sold policies have been sold in the UK alone) there is a huge amount of these claims still incomplete, and unpaid, and a huge number of them that haven't even been started.

Enter The CMB's (Claims Management Businesses') hundreds of UK businesses helping people claim compensation for wrongly sold payment protection insurance.

“The companies main order of business is to take a claim from the beginning and start an investigation that usually lasts between 12 and 16 weeks, with various stages ranging from submitting the case to the lender to having to deal with the financial ombudsman and chase updates from the processing department.

If a successful conclusion is reached, the offer is then presented to the client & a refund arranged and at this point the claims management agent will issue an invoice.” – Recent feedback from a claims adviser

These companies cater for people that don't know how to make their own claim or don't have the time, which can be useful for busy parents, career driven people, people with big time commitments and so on.

Online facilities for claiming compensation have grown vastly over the last 3 years with new websites entering the market each month, competing to be the next company that receives the claims from people actively searching for their services, or similar services.

Billions of pounds in compensation have been refunded to the British public after a 3 year boom in ppi reclaims, what is important now is that all the people that have not yet claimed compensation do so as there is a risk of a deadline in the none-too-distant future.

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Ppiclaims4you.co.uk is an official site of a company who provide a free PPI claims check. They claim 100% PPI compensation for their client plus interest. They are trained and experienced solicitors with a proven track record of successful claims. (they have claimed back millions in compensation for their clients)

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