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PPI Claims Guide Updates List of Companies Liable for Mis-Sold PPIs


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Payment protection insurance (PPI) is designed for people to protect their payments, but shockingly, many PPI have been mis-sold. For the past few years, many people have been coming forward to claim money owed to them from loan companies, but thousands more are not aware that they may be entitled to reimbursement for mis-sold PPI policies.

U.K.-based PPI Claims Guide is an independent site dedicated to guiding consumers on the best way to claim money owed to them from unnecessary payment protection insurance policies. The PPI Claims Guide’s blog is dedicated to providing relevant information on payment protection insurance policies, PPI cases, U.K. government legislation, and consumer rights.

Recently, PPI Claims Guide updated their list of companies that could be held liable for mis-sold PPIs, such as Nationwide, Halifax, Marks and Spencer, Direct Line, Barclaycard, and Capital One. For each company, PPI Claims Guide details a history of the company’s payment protection insurance practices, then offers information for clients interested in researching possible mis-sold PPI insurance.

Many individuals also do not know that they can claim back thousands of pounds on mis-sold PPI insurance, so PPI Claims Guide encourages individuals to get PPI checks done as soon as they can. Numerous companies have pressured their clients to take out PPI, given them false or misleading information regarding insurance, or did not even tell them about PPI policies attached to their credit agreements, resulting in extra charges on their monthly statements.

If anyone thinks that they are entitled to make a PPI Claim, many claim management companies offer a “no win, no fee” service for payment protection insurance cases. PPI Claims Guide urges clients to do their research on claim management companies before signing up with them because, although many are professionally run businesses regulated by the Ministry of U.K. Justice, it is best to hire an aggressive company seeking the highest possible payouts for their clients. Even though bigger companies take several weeks to process claims, patrons could be entitled to big cash payouts if their claims are proven.

PPI Claims Guides reminds readers that there have been many success stories when it comes to claiming back mis-sold PPI insurance. Those who suspect that they are entitled to compensation should start researching a great claim management company to start their claim campaign.

About PPI Claims Guide
PPI Claims Guide is an independent news website aimed at helping consumers reclaim money owed to them through the mis-selling of payment protection insurance. The website is run by volunteers who update the blog on a regular basis to offer tips, hints, and news on claims concerning PPI. The volunteers welcome any questions and recommend that, for a quick response, clients should get in touch through their website’s contact form.

For more information, please visit http://www.ppiclaimsguide.com