PPI Guide UK Publishes PPI Claim Line Guide to Help Users Get the Best from PPI Services

PPI Guide UK has created a new guide about using PPI ClaimsLine, streamlining the claims process and guaranteeing the maximum compensation possible.


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI, is a service that was added on to millions of loans, mortgages and other financial services when it was not needed, wanted or even known about by the borrower. As a result, PPI can often claim to have been miss-sold to individuals who then have a right to claim the money back including significant interest. Doing so however can take months, as banks who know they are in the wrong obfuscate with detailed applications and assessments to stall paying out. PPI Guide UK helps people navigate a PPI claim, and has now published an article on PPI ClaimLine.

PPI ClaimLine enables people to get professional legal help with their PPI Claims on a strict no win no fee basis. The company first assesses every caller to see if their PPI case is eligible to make a claim. If it is, they will stop at nothing to ensure appropriate compensation is offered by the lender, and do this on behalf of clients so they needn’t get bogged down in paperwork and other distractions.

For this service, the claim line asks for is a success fee if they are successful, so any fees are covered by the payout of the claim. The line operates on a strict ‘you call us, we won’t call you’ policy so that no one receives unwanted nuisance calls from the service, which is primarily focused on helping people get the compensation they deserve.

A spokesperson for PPI Guide UK explained, “PPI ClaimLine is one of many methods of dealing with a PPI claim, and whether it is the right choice for you depends on several factors. The first and most important is the size of the PPI claim, but also the amount of free time the individual has to commit to fighting a PPI case, their willingness to engage in complex legal proceedings and ultimately if their priority is seeking a clean and simple solution to seeking compensation.”

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