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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- is an online calculator that is at the forefront of educating people about mis-sold payment protection insurance policies.  In the last several years it has come to light that thousands of consumers have been sold PPI inappropriately.  The web based company has made it their mission to education, calculate and file reclaims on behalf of the consumer that has been affected by this poor execution of an insurance product that can be beneficial when applied correctly.

Mainstream media has been covering what has been called a scandal with mis-sold payment protection insurance policies.  In some instances the policies were sold without being properly underwritten, rendering them useless despite the fact that the consumer was paying for the protection.  In other instances, the PPI was sold without the knowledge of the consumer.  In either instance, the consumer is not getting what they are paying for and should be reimbursed any monies that were paid forth.

The website states, “The average PPI compensation payment so far is a little under £2,750 and many thousands of people have claimed successfully, and we have helped many successful claimants get back the fees on their mis sold PPI policies.”  The basis of these successful claims is the ruling of The High Court demanding that these lenders repay the consumers who have be affected by these inappropriate policies.

A free PPI calculator tends to be in the best interest of a consumer, as they can determine without any obligation, what they can expect to have repaid to them.  The website also offers to assist with the filing a reclaim on the behalf of the consumer stating, “If you think you have a valid PPI reclaim case we can help you get back what you are owed. We will put you in touch with an expert solicitor who will handle your claim, and we also offer not only a no win no fee deal so you will not pay if we are not successful, but a maximum compensation guarantee.”  It would appear that this no obligation service is much more acceptable to a consumer that is likely a bit gun shy as a result of the PPI situation.

The site is very open and informative, and welcomes the average consumer to use their free PPI calculator.  It appears that the service has a very good track record, offering to end the frustration of being involved in what has been called the PPI Scam stating, “We have helped many people get back the money they are owed on mis sold PPI policies, and we can help you too. We’ll handle all of your PPI claims on a no win no fee basis so you will not pay if you are not successful, a maximum compensation guarantee, and you can also use a PPI calculator for an estimate of your award.”

About is an online calculator that is at the forefront of educating people about mis-sold payment protection insurance policies.

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