Joe Bragg Winning PPI Claims of up to £5,000 for Their Clients


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- Payment protection insurance, sometimes known as PPI, is something that most people who take out a loan or any kind of credit agreement end up paying at some stage. It’s designed to keep up the repayments on a loan in the event that the borrower can’t, whether through lack of work or a change in circumstances.

Several years ago, in response to a number of complaints, the government discovered that many financial institutions had been mis-selling PPI policies. Financial institutions were routinely telling borrowers the PPI was compulsory, or adding it to the loan without the clients knowledge. Another cause of mis-selling was selling PPI to customers who would never be eligible to claim.

Major institutions have received large fines and been ordered to pay clients back any mis-sold PPI payments plus interest. While the average claim is £4,535, PPI Claims Co. client William Robb received £52,851.30, while Julia Lester received £10,351.81 and Kelpert Shamu received £1,348.81.

Not all PPI policies are easy to find, but PPI Claims Co. guarantee to find all of their clients’ hidden PPI policies. Importantly, all claims they proceed with are ‘no win, no fee’ meaning the client has no cost unless they receive some form of PPI refund.

PPI Claims Co has a team of PPI reclaim specialist to progress all claims. PPI Claims Co claim to be one of the first PPI claims specialists, helping clients since 2008 at the beginning of the PPI mis-selling scandal. Each client is allocated a dedicated case handler giving one point of contact and continuity of service.

PPI Claims Co stress that they not only recover payments of PPI but also interest on those payments as well.

A solicitor from PPI Claims Co. shares a bit more about their most successful clients, William Robb, “William Robb is one of our most successful clients, he has received four separate payouts totalling a whopping £52,851.30! He received £9,671.95 from the MBNA, £4,352.85 to cover the 8% interest he would have earned in a savings account, £18,774.83 in PPI interest repayments, and £20,051.67 on a Mint card PPI.”

About PPI Claims Co.
PPI Claims Co. is a team of PPI claims specialists who help clients recover wrongly sold PPI payments. They provide a completely free check to see if a client has been a victim of PPI mis-selling and also offer ‘no win, no fee’. For more information please visit: